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The number of devices we use as a society on a daily basis is growing at exponentially high rates. Especially in a work environment where presentations seem to have become a daily procedure in most offices. Everyone is needing control over more and more devices and this means more remotes to control those devices. With the technological advances in smart phones we are able to work faster and smarter and that has increased business internationally. The world is smaller than it's ever been when it comes to communication. The technology of smart phones being used as smart remotes can help eliminate even more time and frustration on a smaller scale for personal and business uses. The new smart remote technology allows users to program all their remotes from their multiple devices and control them from one app on a smart phone. Dad at home will no longer be frustrated with losing all his remotes, he can control everything from his media room projector to his man-cave stereo system all from his smart phone. While your boss won't be getting bored and upset sitting in his seat waiting for you to find the right remote to run the projector for that big presentation. Smart remote's are all about efficiency which seems to be the word of the 21st century.


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The history of the smart remote goes back to a few simple problems that didn't have viable solutions before the creation of the smart phone. Those key problems were:

1.) Multitude of remotes and devices

2.) No current device able to manage multitudes of frequency types

3.) Devices weren't as prominent in everyday life

When smart phone companies decided to move towards the "app age" it changed the whole perception of what our phones could do. It allowed college students out in Texas to create apps for study groups or tech savvy companies in California to create the next great social media app. It also allowed for advancement in the universal remote space. Long before the household universal remote we were stuck with dozens of different device remotes. Then the household remote came about but was always to inefficient and difficult to use, not to mention expensive. So as the development of smart phones continued into this advanced age we are currently in companies started designing smart remote apps that allowed fluid control over a multitude of devices all at your fingertips.


There are several different apps available for your mobile device. Depending on the type of phone or device you are wanting to control the most effective app might differ. Below are a couple of videos showing installation and features of two of the leading smart remote apps available for smart phones.

Sony app installation instructions:

iPhone app Roomie Remote tutorial:

Basic Features

Features include: Basic remote functions; channel changing, volume control, menu options, search options, easy access to favorite channels, rewind/ fast forward options for all devices, DVR control options. thump

Business Benefits


You may be asking yourself,"How could a business possibly benefit from an app such as this one?" There are several ways companies could find this app beneficial. Think of all the products used in the work place on a day to day basis. The overhead projector for an all staff production meeting or maybe a sales pitch meeting with a potential client on a projection screen. Using your Smart Remote allows you to navigate smoothly and quickly to the most important features without fumbling with a remote control. Not to mention the benefit of not worrying about ordering a new remote to the TV in the clients waiting room or any remote that was lost. Even something as small as a Smart Remote app that cost a company basically nothing can provide them with a slight competitive advantage.


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The days of having a different remote for every single item we use are slowly becoming a thing of the past. In todays world of technology, convenience and speed continue to push the barriers for how far we can go. Using your hand held device as a one stop shop seems to be the direction the future of technology is heading in. Turning your cell phone or mobile device into a Smart Remote may seem like a small feature to some but to the tech savvy mind this feature is the epitome of convenience, speed, and control.