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Overview is a free online sign up service that simplifies the process of event coordination for schools, sports teams, churches, families, colleges, businesses and organizations. SignUpGenius allows us to do away with paper sign ups and "reply to all" emails. The image below shows just how simple the process is to use SignUpGenius. There are many features that include: simple wizard for building sign ups, flexible sign up page formats, admin-controlled security and privacy settings, and powerful administration tools.

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SignUpGenius was created by Dan Rutledge, Genius CEO, after failing to organize snacks and drinks for both a small church group party and for kids soccer games. The company was founded by Mike Vadini and launched in October 2008. It is now operated by a small passionate team in Charlotte, NC which includes both Dan and Mike. In 2013, SignUpGenius had 7 million users per month that created 1.1 million sign up pages, organized 75,000-125,000 events per month, resulting in 19.8 million items being signed up for. They received 75 million pageviews per month with 4.5 pageviews per visit.


As per Globe Newswire, "SignUpGenius, the leading online sign up service for group organizing of volunteers and events, continues along a path of strong growth to finish out 2013." had 30 million people visit them in 2013, of which 35% were new visitors. This is up from 11 million, of which 31% were new visitors, in 2012. This, along with the newly added ability to accepts payments on sign ups and the release of a mobile version in 2013, indicates that they are on pace for continued strong growth in 2014.

SignUpGenius has also won many awards, confirming the excellence of the service they offer. The following awards were received in 2014:

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  • Silver Davey Award by the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts
  • Silver Stevie® Award in the Customer Service Department of the Year category in The 12th Annual American Business Awards
  • "Best in Class" by the Interactive Media Awards
  • Communicator Award of Distinction for Web Applications/Services by the International Academy of Visual Arts (second year in a row)

Creating a New Sign Up

To create a new sign up the first step is to build an account at by supplying your name, email, and password. As soon as your account is created and you have successfully logged in then you can start creating your first sign up. This video will give you a brief preview of how simple the process is:

Once your sign up has been created and sent to invitees you will receive a message notifying you your sign up is complete.

Tutorials on how to create a sign up are available on their website at

Administrative Tools and Reports

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Many tools are available to make the information received from sign ups easier to manage. You can export the sign up data to Excel to use it offline or use the printable version for taking to the event. SignUpGenius also generates reports for your sign ups. You can create a custom report to list the total signup quantity of each user or create a list of users or sign ups for export to Excel. You can create a statistics report to view a graphical representation of the sign up activity. Pro members have the ability to create reports to track volunteer hours. There is also an email delivery report that compiles a list of bounced emails.

Administrative tools allows you to add, edit, move or delete people as well as create different groups for different activities. Groups can be saved in the address book to easily create multiple sign ups. As different groups are created for the various sign ups, you can easily manage each by adding or removing group members or deleting a group entirely.

You can send messages to individual members or entire groups. Optional group-only sign ups will restrict sign ups to group members. Additionally, you can view previously sent messages or save a draft message to send later. Other options include password-protected sign ups and determining whether or not participants will be required to create an account in order to sign up.

In addition, the administrator can control the security and privacy settings and they have the capability to transfer management of a sign up to another user. Pro members have the ability to add multiple administrators to accounts and assign specific permissions for each one.

Features of SignUpGenius

SignUpGenius is dedicated to providing their customers with a user friendly and fully-featured volunteer management system that is continually expanding. Their system is extensive enough to coordinate massive international events, yet simple enough to organize snacks for your kid’s baseball games.

Several video tutorials are available at that show how to easily create a sign up. SignUpGenius also provides welcome letters for new users and simple wizards to walk you through the process for building sign ups, including a recurring wizard that allows you to enter hundreds of dates instantly. There are over 550 professionally designed themes to choose from, including newly added branded logo themes for Scholastic, 4H and the Boys & Girls Club to name a few, and they are continually adding more. You also have the ability to upload your own logo and/or image to create a more personalized theme and integrate social media to get people motivated to sign up and attend!


Page formats for sign ups are very flexible to accommodate the many uses for SignUpGenius. For example, you may use the traditional date/slot sign up for large volunteer projects or non-date specific sign ups for donation lists or ongoing sign ups. You can set limited quantities to prevent everyone from signing up for the same thing or allow unlimited sign ups. If limited quantities are set, then the activity is grayed out when all the slots are filled. Other formats include the RSVP format for events such as parties and banquets or add a comment field for custom responses.

SignUpGenius can also be used to collect money on your sign ups for tickets, donations and gifts. Other helpful features include automated email and text messaging reminders, calendar integration and EDIT and SWAP tools that allow users to make changes if their schedule changes.

The many features we described are included in the basic (free) version of SignUpGenius. However, additional features are offered for a cost in three pricing options: 1) Silver ($9.99/month), 2) Gold ($24.99/month) and 3) Platinum ($49.99/month). Please go to for a price comparison chart with the list of features for each option.

Endless Uses of SignUpGenius

SignUpGenius can be used for a wide variety of things, ranging from something as simple as arranging which parents will brings snacks for each football game to something as complex as coordinating 3,000 volunteers for an international youth soccer tournament. In addition, SignUpGenius can be used to collect money on sign ups for gifts, tickets, donations and more. While the primary users are active women between the ages of 25-54 with school-aged children, the potential uses for SignUpGenius goes far beyond organizing kids sporting events and school fundraisers.

Other uses include, but are far limited, to the following types of sign ups:

  • Coordinate office hours, meetings, study groups, fundraisers, Greek socials, class projects, parties, socials, service opportunities, volunteers, sell tickets.
  • Organize parent teacher conferences, fundraisers, parties, field trip chaperones, volunteers for book fairs.
  • Schedule meetings, interviews, training sessions, office socials, employee shift schedules, team snacks, parent volunteers, carpools, concession stand workers, Sunday school workers, youth group fundraisers, church socials.
  • Plan parties, potlucks, meals for friends, baby showers, bridal showers.
  • Collect fees, fundraising donations, payments for services, wish lists, event registrations, money for group gifts, community service projects.

To streamline the process of creating sign ups, SignUpGenius has grouped them into the following categories: business, church, college, groups & clubs, home & family, nonprofits, school, and sports. The categories are not limited to what they can do, they just make the system more user friendly by automatically presenting themes to you that may be more suited for the selected category.

SignUpGenius for Business Use

Businesses use SignUpGenius in a number of ways. Perhaps the most obvious is with company events (i.e. office potlucks) similar to how organizations use it. However, the more intriguing and important use within businesses is to organize staff schedules. For example, The University of Colorado Hospital uses SignUpGenius to schedule nurse shifts. Similarly, it is also used to schedule meetings and conferences. Lastly, SignUpGenius may be used to organize staff training.


As you can see, this online sign up service is perfect for event coordination and may be easily used by anyone. Since being launched in 2008, SignUpGenius continues to grow with over 30 million different users in 2013 and is expecting continued growth in 2014. Users find the 7-step wizard to create a sign up quick and easy with excellent administrative tools including: exporting sign up data to Excel, generating reports (including graphical representation), managing and editing groups, sending messages, and controlling security and privacy settings. In addition, letters can be sent to new users, a logo/image may be uploaded, money may be collected on sign ups, and you can integrate sign ups with calendars. Businesses particularly find SignUpGenius helpful not only for event coordination but also for organizing staff schedules, scheduling meetings and conferences, and also to organize staff training. No matter how simple or complex your event is, SignUpGenius is the perfect fit for your needs.

A special thank you goes out to Teresa Clark, Genius Senior Support Specialist with for providing the above video to use for this MANGT 830 Wiki Training Project.


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