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Shutterfly: A History

As a personal, internet-based photo service, Shutterfly, Inc. allows individuals to upload, share, edit, enhance, print, and store memories.


Upload. Edit. Enhance. Share. Remember.

Aside from the basic techniques of uploading and sharing, Shutterfly enables individuals to personalize memories through offering and selling a wide range of services including:

  • Basic photo prints of all sizes.
  • Creation of photo books.
  • Shutterfly’s “Make It About Me” brand name works to customize children’s books.
  • Personalizing items such as:

- Calendars - Stationary - Mugs - Tote bags - Puzzles - DVDs


In assessing the market opportunity for online photo management and sharing, Shutterfly expresses a strong belief that the market is in its early growth stages and opportunities are large. One factor affecting online photo sharing is greatly attributed to the growth in digital camera sales. A second factor prompting growth is the pairing of digital cameras, Internet usage, and online gift purchasing.

Four of Shutterfly’s top Web 2.0 competitors include:


  • Flickr, the online photo management and sharing site,
  • Slide, a site to host slide shows and share photos,
  • Photobucket, an image hosting, free photo sharing and video sharing site, and
  • RockYou a site to share photos and create MySpace slide shows.

Personal Use

On a personal level, Shutterfly allows friends and family to keep in touch and share multimedia (photos, videos, etc.). Through the creation of share sites, it’s easy for individuals to build public Web pages around their photo collections. Dependent on the Creator allowing access to the Web page, selected individuals can post their multimedia to the album as well. This is a great application to use in sharing photos for sporting teams, reunions, and even organizations such as the PTA.

Shutterfly, as mentioned above, has a number of services to provide personalized gifting options and photo prints. Through the use of these services, individuals have the choice to order products that are unique and one of a kind.

Corporate Use

Shutterfly can also be used in the corporate world in a variety of ways. Due to the fact that Creators can invite anyone to visit their public Web page(s), the opportunity is created for companies to share event photos. The best application of Shutterfly would be relating to the company’s public relation initiatives, and posting the success of the events through photos and videos. Shutterfly allows for a free and easy way to inform investors about the company’s involvement within the community.

Another benefit of the Shutterfly website is its share component. Because users can upload photos at anytime from anywhere, company employees with access to the account can upload photos and share them by posting directly to the site.

Also, the card section of Shutterfly has a specific tab dedicated to corporate cards. The site provides companies with a quick way to order and personalize Christmas cards for their employees, investors, and Board of Directors, if they so choose.



Shutterfly Tutorial


Shutterfly is an effective tool for uploading, organizing and sharing photos as well as personalizing memorabilia. This site is very useful for individuals who wish to store and share photos with the option to make them into prints, cards and other gifts.

Concerning corporate use, Shutterfly may be appropriate as a public relations tool. It also provides an option for businesses to create company cards and offers a separate link for business solutions. Though it may be useful, Shutterfly is not necessarily a tool that should be an integral part of business strategy.

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