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Self-publishing is not usually considered appropriate for academic careers. However, with the wide proliferation of online publishing sites, the DIY (do-it-yourself) sphere has expanded into custom publishing. Some faculty have found ways to use this technology for academic applications that do not involve direct publication.


Types of Services

Now, various online publishing sites promise not only binding services but also licensed contents or editorial staff who will pursue copyright releases for course packs and readers (University Readers, for example). They will pursue original international standard book numbers (ISBNs) for original manuscripts. Many promise access to discrete site visitors who may purchase the texts.

This self-publishing is part of the Web 2.0 of information sharing and also the “long tail” of small niche markets. Some sites offer free submittal of texts but will only bill the users when copies are ordered.

Caveat Emptor

Some self-publishing sites that surfaced in a recent search include the following. The various businesses offer different terms and should be thoroughly vetted with the Better Business Bureau and other relevant agencies. The listing of these sites does not suggest endorsement.

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