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About Score

Score is a nonprofit organization that wants to help small business grow and be more successful. They connect business owners and people trying to start businesses with mentor and workshop programs in order to help them be more successful. Score provides these services at no cost due to their network of over 11,000 volunteers.


Score was founded in 1964. Once Score chapters began to form in the 1970’s they began to offer workshops and seminars on many different business related topics. During the 90’s due to the growing popularity of email Score began using email to provide businesses with advice and assistance. Score has served over 8.5 million clients since becoming an organization in 1964


1 on 1 mentoring
Score offers free and confidential business mentoring ranging from in-person mentoring to email or over the phone help. Score’s volunteer mentors come from 62 different industries and work backgrounds. Score also offers free business template, tools and tips online. Lastly, Score offers free business workshops either online or in person at their 320 locations across the United States. All of Score’s material can be broken down into different categories based on where you are at in the business process. You can narrow down your results based whether you are starting a business or already in business. Additionally, you can search by industry or location. In addition to the business specific advice that Score offers they also have workshops on personal topics as well.

Personal uses

Though Score is used mainly for business purposes there are some personal uses as well. Score mentors will also help people with personal finance decisions. Additionally, Score offers many webinars on personal finance as well.

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Success stories

toybrary logo

Score has helped numerous small businesses either get started or improve in areas they were struggling in. One company they specifically helped was Toybrary Austin a toy lending company and play space for kids. Score mentor Celia Bell helped Liza Wilson start Toybrary Austin and assisted her with marketing, pricing, interacting with clients and adding revenue streams. Score mentors have also assisted business owners with improving their website, improving financials and drawing in new customers. Additionally, Score's mentors have helped business owners from all industries and business stages thrive and improve many different aspects of their business.

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