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What is scheduly


Scheduly is a simple application that can manage all of one's appointments. It works for both individual and business purposes, and it increases the availability and credibility of a business. It also aids in time management.

Development and History of Scheduly

Scheduly was founded in January 2008, and the company is based in Israel. Following is a google map of the company's location:

Graphscheduly-com uv 1y.png
The web site provides a graph of Scheduly's site traffic since it was founded.

Scheduly's employees have created a facebook group for their company, and the employees listed are as follows:Glad Daneils, Tom Heler, and Oren Tivony.

Use of Scheduly

Business User

The video below shows how easy it is to register on Scheduly.

Business page.png

After registering, you have already published your company on Scheduly. Businesses can publish more detailed information, such as how many clients are you handling at the same time, price per time slot, and communication details. The more detailed information that is provided, the easier for potential clients to find that business in Scheduly.

After publishing a business at Scheduly, clients can make an appointment within a web page through an availability widget.

It is also very easy for companies to manage their schedules. They can approve pending appointments, cancel the existing appointments, and block some time out. The most exciting feature is that Google or Apple Icelander can be integrated with Scheduly.

Individual User

Customers can use the search option to look for a service provider. They can then check for an appointment slot, but clients must first create a membership account to request an appointment time. If an individual already has a business account, no additional account needs to be created. The web site indicates that creating a membership account prevents appointment times being monopolized and protects against identity theft. The following video demonstrates how to create a membership account:

Scheduly does not always have to be used for business purposes. It can be a simple way to organize life’s events. Scheduly can be viewed as an online calendar for you to personally manage your time effectively. A person can use it for school purposes to use as an online agenda to plan class schedules, group meetings or any extracurricular activities. You can also open up your calendar to your friends and family so they know if you are available during a certain time.


As you can see from above, Scheduly is a very simple way to organize one’s business appointments or life’s extracurricular activities. As mentioned before, the most exciting feature on Scheduly is one can integrate their Google or Apple Icelander. Because Scheduly hasn’t even celebrated their two year anniversary, we believe Scheduly will become more popular as businesses take advantage of this free way to manage their time. Now take the opportunity to get your business or life on track!