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Let's say you're on vacation and run into a potential business client. Unfortunately you've left your laptop at home and would love to make an in-promptu presentation to pique their interest. What do you do? You could make an arrangement to hold a meeting at some point in the future. Or you could pull out your iPhone or iPad, launch the Roambi iOS app and turn 'potential' into 'profitable'.

Roambi Overview

Roambi is a business intelligence application developed by MeLLmo, Inc. to provide remote access to critical business information while on the go. The access devices include Internet connected computers and mobile devices using the Roambi Analytics Visualizer app for the iPhone and iPad. Roambi connects with your business data system in various formats (including SAP, Oracle, IBM, and Microsoft BI Systems, as well as Excel, Crystal Reports, Salesforce CRM and more) and transforms it into a format that is easy to view and interact with.

History of Roambi

MeLLmo, Inc. is a San Diego, California-based company with a worldwide customer base of Fortune 500 companies and SMBs across a diverse range of industries including: telecommunications, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, consumer technology, packaged goods and others.[1]

MeLLmo introduced Roambi on May 19, 2009 as their flagship application for the iPhone to enable individuals and organizations to transform static information, such as spreadsheets, tables and reports from popular business applications, into stunning interactive visualizations that can be instantly published directly to the iPhone, where users can view, analyze, interact with and share their information.[2]

On July 9, 2010, MeLLmo announced an update to Roambi app that takes full advantage of Apple's iOS 4, which introduced the following features[3]:

- Contextual Calendar Events: The collaboration option available for iOS 4 allows users to schedule a calendar event directly from a Roambi file, enabling the event invitation to be distributed with the Roambi mobile dashboard embedded for context.

- SMS Sharing: Any user browsing a Roambi mobile dashboard with iOS 4 will have the option to send it to an individual or group of people via text message.

- Multitasking: Roambi Pro and Roambi ES3 publishing services enable users to refresh their Roambi mobile dashboards on-the-go to ensure they have the most up-to-date information. Now, with iOS 4, users can choose to manually refresh their Roambi files in the background, while using other apps on iPhone.

On March 31, 2011 MeLLmo announced support for Apple's updated mobile operating system, iOS 4.3, which allowed Roambi users to take full advantage of enhanced video display capabilities on the iPad 2. With Video Mirroring, iPad 2 users can share their iPad display with dramatically improved performance on a bigger screen, such as an HDTV, HD projection screen or any other HDMI-friendly display.[4]

Roambi has been recognized as a best app for business by FORTUNE on CNNMoney[5], voted a best visualization tool for the iPad by ReadWriteWeb readers[6], and named the winner in the App Chop category of the Webvisionary Awards[7].

Corporate and Personal Uses of Roambi

Simply put, Roambi allows you connect to your company or perosnal database and presents a visually appealing way to view and interact with the data on your computer, iPhone or iPad. Here is how you get started.[8]

1. Upload your data: Use existing reports and data from a variety of sources, including: SAP, Oracle, IBM, and Microsoft BI Systems, as well as Excel, Crystal Reports, Salesforce CRM and more.

2. Use any Roambi View (see screen shots below): Use point-and-click to combine your data with any Roambi View, then customize it to create your unique Roambi visualizations and mobile dashboards.

3. Publish and send: With one click, publish your Roambi analytics and dashboards, and deliver them to any iPhone or iPad. Mobile users can view and interact with it using the free Roambi Visualizer App (iTunes link).


Set Up a Free Roambi Lite Account

Roambi Lite is a free online publishing service that automatically transforms your Excel data into interactive mobile visualizations—and instantly sends them to any iPhone or iPad.

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Roambi lets you transform you Excel sheets, reports, CSV files, Crystal Reports, and Web Intelligence reports into interactive visualizations for your iPhone. Visit or download Roambi for iPhone from the iOS App Store.