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Remember the Milk

Remember the Milk is a Web 2.0 application intended to aid in generating mobile and other reminder messages. It allows users to create lists of tasks needed to be completed and can integrate these tasks into Google Maps and Google Calender. Remember the Milk then allows users to set up email, instant message, or text reminders for the tasks they need to complete. Remember the milk can be integrated with Twitter, Netvibes, iPhone, Blackberry, and other services.

Over 1 million members strong, Remember The Milk was first created by Emily Boyd and Omar Kilaniin in August 2004 and launched in October 2005. What started as a simple idea is now a huge web application.

How it Works

After establishing a user account with Remember the Milk, users can set up tasks to be reminded of. This part can be somewhat user unfriendly, but it is not impossible. Users can group tasks as “study”, “personal”, "work", or can look at all tasks at one time. Tasks can also be postponed and Remember the Milk will keep count of when and how many times the task is postponed. Then, through Remember the Milk, users can make their settings fit their needs whether it be syncing with an iPhone or Blackberry, sending email reminders, or receiving instant messages through AIM, MSN, or Google. After just a few minutes, users can be on the way to being more organized and never forgetting the milk.



Adding Remember the Milk to a Netvibes page gives the user easy access to check tasks lists along with any other information they have on their Netvibes page.


The reminder email is displayed and there is a task box to the left of the main email showing all tasks on the Remember The Milk task list.


Twitter users can keep on track with Remember the Milk for Twitter.


There are over 20 third party apps/services for Remember the Milk. As this application expands, more services and apps will be added making it even easier to keep track of appointments.

Business Applications

Remember the Milk can be easily integrated into the work place. On the main website, there are options to share task lists or publish task lists. Sharing lists sends tasks to other Remember the Milk users. So if your boss wants you to meet with another co-worker to discuss a project at 10am, he can send you a task that tells you that. Through the share tab the worker will be able to edit the task and also let his boss know that the task is completed. Through the publish tab, users can publish entire task lists for other workers that are members of Remember the Milk to look at. However, the other workers cannot edit tasks through this. Publish also gives the company the opportunity to make its task list public for anyone to see. This is an easy way to keep the world informed of what the company is doing on a day to day basis and can provide some public relations. Also, if a company is hiring, this could be a great way to show exactly what the job entails day in and day out. If the business is planning on or is going world wide, no worries, Remember the Milk is already translated into over 10 languages.


All people use a little different way of keeping organized, or are not organized at all. To Do lists are part of everyone’s day whether it’s the list your boss gives you, the list your wife gives you, or the even the list you give yourself. Throughout time we have seen things become more technology based and less paper based, this is the same with task lists. There are still some who prefer the paper approach. You do not have to have a cell phone or computer handy to check for appointments or to "Remember the Milk". However, as society has shifted to being more technology based so has our To Do lists. Most people keep their cell phone or personal organizer at the reach of a hand so it is easy to keep organized through applications such as Remember the Milk. With the email reminders, you will still be on time to that important interview and if your phone has a smart plan you can sync your phone too it. For those of us who are a little behind on technology, we can still keep up since it will send text reminders to a regular old cell phone. Remember the Milk can be a little user unfriendly, but is certainly usable after some practice. It may alienate less technology savvy users who cannot sync it with their blackberry or iPhone, however it can still be used efficiently with just an email account, instant message account, and regular cell phone. Remember the Milk ties in with businesses seamlessly. Employees need to be on top of tasks and what a great way to keep everyone on time and on task.