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Background is a new and emerging service that allows you to present information from your resume and LinkedIn profile in visually pleasing ways through the use of various info-graphics.It was recently founded and developed in 2013 by Stephen Years, Bart Clarkson, and Mike Harding.CEO Stephen Years is also current President of 5 Rockets, Inc. As U.S News and World Report explains:

" is free and easy to set up. New users can instantly import their employment history from LinkedIn with a single click, or they can enter it manually. In addition to an employment timeline, profiles can display more than a dozen info graphic widgets, offering information on everything from the evolution of a user’s skills to their favorite pastimes. Portfolio uploads allow users to include their best work—images, documents, or videos—as part of their profiles. Professionally designed themes and customization options provide even more ways for users to differentiate themselves."

Set up

A video tutorial on how to set it up your personal profile:

People interested in the remaining set up tutorials can view the videos in the following links:

Tutorial 2:

Tutorial 3:

Tutorial 4:

Tutorial 5:

Possible uses

- The primary purpose of is to be a visual resume, to dynamically show the the various skills and experiences you possess to potential employers.

- also includes sections not commonly found on a resume, such as places to state your interests, or upload previous work you have done, so it not only functions as a resume, but also as a social media profile.

- can also be used as a skills tracker, using it to chart the progress of new skills you are attempting to learn

What does this mean for businesses? It means that one of the most inexact HR functions, comparing resumes, becomes a much easier task because you can can visually compare the diagrams to one another. This is vastly superior to comparing more abstract text.

On the potential employee's side in a business context, this allows one to visually show-off the impact of what one has one. For example to see a graph representing a 30% increase in Powerpoint skills is much more visually arresting to an employer than just reading the words on paper.

An RE.VU profile

Stephen Years personal information shown: Profile1.jpg

Example of how certain qualities such as Job Duties can be represented in more of a creative way that can visual paint a picture for the employer: Profile2.jpg

Skill levels presented in custom and creative fashion: Profile3.jpg

More Info


As one can see, is a way to represent your accomplishments in a visually pleasing manner, while also implementing some dynamic social media capability. We expect it to become more feature rich as time goes on, as the nearest record we could find only puts it at about seven months old. We believe that services such as will eventually become mainstays, as the basic format of the resume has not drastically changed since the 1950's.

Services such as seek to make that change, and it does. It is incredibly simple to set up, and has the capability to drastically simplify the recruiting process as it matures.