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About Quizlet

Quizlet is an online educational tool allowing users to create as well as access electronic flashcards in hundreds of topics. The program is not limited to flashcard study, but instead has features allowing more interactive study. Tests, games, and verbal playback are all available to enable the user to increase retention and learning speed of any number of categories of study. Furthermore, Quizlet allows for group study by allowing users to create groups, or “classes”, where individuals studying similar subjects can collaborate and access numerous flashcards from different standpoints. Finally, with mobile devices Quizlet allows students/ businesspeople to study on the go with a Quizlet mobile application available on smartphones.

History of Quizlet


Quizlet was formed in 2005 by Andrew Sutherland. The then 15 year-old was struggling in French class and decided to develop a flashcard program to help him increase his retention and ability to memorize French vocabulary. He then shared the program with classmates and now Quizlet has over 80 million users. Andrew was named one of Forbes’ 30 under 30 in Education in 2012 and is on sabbatical from MIT.

How to Create Electronic Flashcards

Quizlet is a free online tool with the only requirement for use is internet access. By going to the website: http://www.quizlet.com, you can access study material about any number of subjects from your personal computer or a mobile device.

Once you’ve created an account you then can get started studying by creating flashcards or accessing the thousands of other flashcards available.

Other Possibilities

Not only can you utilize Quizlet to learn any number of worded material, you can upgrade your account for a nominal fee in order to be able to include pictures in your flashcards. This could be useful in the educational setting when you need to recognize/ name objects or in the business setting when you have a large group of people to which you need to memorize names.


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