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Introduction to QOOP


"We are in business to help our content owners make a living by selling their content. We do the heavy lifting with our stores and listings, handling production, transactions, and customer service, so content owners have more time to concentrate on the creative aspects of their lives." -Phil Wessells, QOOP CEO

QOOP (pronounced Koop) is a social commerce network that provides a wide variety of people with interactive digital media technology at no up-front cost. Artists, authors, photographers, and publishers alike are able to utilize this unique site to meet their specific needs. From photo albums to print-on-demand books, QOOP providse an innovative production service that meets the unique needs of its clients. In addition to the sale of physcial goods, sellers are able to engage in online trade through the sale of licensing rights. By providing two distincts forms of commerce, QOOP provides a distinct advantage when compared to other companies. The multitude of possibilities available through QOOP make it one of the more noteworthy Web 2.0 applications.

History of QOOP

QOOP, inc. was first launched in 2005 with the company’s headquarters being located in Mill Valley, California. Since then, the company has acquired several collaborative partners including the photo-media site Flickr and social networking powerhouse, Facebook. Today, QOOP has over 100 business partners in the realms of social networking, photography, and major publishing. Current leaders of the company include: Joey King (President), Phil Wessells (CEO), and Tin Hoang (Art Director).

Uses of QOOP

QOOP provides its users with the ability to browse, buy, and sell their creations essentially anywhere on the web. Additionally, sellers can upload and ship/print their photos using Flickr, Photobucket, or a Facebook application.


In regard to its practicality in business, there are several instances where QOOP might be useful. First and foremost, it is a simple way for someone with little business knowledge to make money. QOOP prides itself on doing the “heavy lifting” or in this case making, pricing, and shipping the products. Essentially, the website acts as a middleman that does most of the work. The photography related products (listed below) allow artists the ability to sell their images without any big business contracts. Similarly, several aspiring fashion models, such as Cheryl Diego, currently use QOOP to sell their photos as calendars, posters, etc. This also works as a promoting tool as it helps get their name out there. Of course you don’t have to be an artist or a model to take advantage of QOOP’s services. Anyone who enjoys taking photos can upload their images to QOOP and make money because you never know what people are looking for. QOOP truly takes advantage of the popularity of the internet and the diversity of internet users.

Qoop Products.png

QOOP’s publishing services are also a great way for writers, academics, and business people to create a product or benefit their business. The website, in coordination with publishers like Stanford University Press and the Public Library of Science, offers a number of publishing options (listed below). This can be used by academics who are looking to for someone to print their textbook or simply by up and coming writers who need a way to mass produce their latest novel. Business people, looking to add an extra touch to their next corporate presentation can even have notes, receipts, or financial reports printed onto saddle stitched or spiral bound books. With QOOP publishing, the options are virtually endless.


  • Photo Prints
  • Posters
  • Photo Books
  • Framed Prints
  • Canvas Prints
  • Calendars
  • Cards (Postcards, Business Cards, Greeting Cards)

Other(Gift) Products:

  • Keychains
  • Mugs
  • T-Shirts
  • Photo Wrapping Paper
  • Photo Stickers

Publishing Products:

  • Hard Bound Books
  • Perfect Bound Books
  • Wire-O (Wire Bound Books)
  • Stapled Corner(Brochures, Reports, etc.)
  • Saddle Stitch (Brochures, Reports, etc.)
  • eBooks

"How To" Videos

The following are tutorials on how to use a few of the various features available on QOOP. Additionally, they give a useful look as to the functionality and ease of navigating through QOOP’s services.

How to set up your own photo store on QOOP:

How to publish/sell your own books on QOOP:

How to use the “Poster Builder” feature on QOOP:

Visit QOOP.com

QOOP's home page: http://www.qoop.com/

For more information about QOOP: http://www.qoop.com/about/about.php

QOOP's blog: http://blogs.qoop.com/qoop/


QOOP is a convenient web tool that gives a variety of people a simple way to monetize their digital content through a free online market. With QOOP, content owners can easily start selling their images and/or documents without handling the production, transactions, and customer service aspects of the business. QOOP truly allows people to make money doing what they love, without the typical headaches associated with owning a business.



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