Presentations Outside of Class Time

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Professors are often reluctant to assign student teams to do presentations because it requires too much class time and thereby reduces the amount of material covered in a course. Technology makes it possible to assign student presentations without sacrificing any class time at all.

Instructions Narrated Powerpoints

At the following web address, there is a simple 1.5 minute video that instructs students about everything they need to know in order to add voice narration to PowerPoint slides (which is really quite easy):


As general guidelines, about 5 minutes of narration time using 5 slides (plus a title slide) seems to work well. Students are also required to write an outline or script to plan what they will say before recording the narration. It is good to require them to play it back before submitting it in order to make sure that it sounds the way they intended.

Sharing the Result

For sharing the presentations with classmates, there is a piece of free software that will convert the narrated PowerPoint into MP4 video format, which can then be uploaded to YouTube or other video-sharing web sites. This free software can be downloaded from:


If students view each others' presentations before coming to class, then they can use class time for Q&A (or not).


Material contributed by: Richard J. Makadok, Goizueta Business School, Emory University