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Introduction is a free marketing tool for anyone in the real estate or property management industries. Companies and individuals alike can take advantage of this tool to sell or rent their properties and gain clients. It's quick and simple to create a Postlet and a great way for realtors/property managers/landlords to reach out to clients in the "digital age" via eye-catching, professional postings on social media sites.

"Agents love Postlets because you create a property listing just once, and Postlets automatically distributes it across the Web. Plus, when you create an account on Postlets, you get a personalized landing page so you can showcase all of your “Postlets” in one place. You can then customize your personal gallery with a company logo and an “about me” page where you can describe your services and upload a personal photo to help you gain even more exposure. And it’s free." Spencer Rascoff, CEO, Zillow.

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Postlets was created in 2005 by Asher Matsuda and Raymond Chen. They started the company as a side project and in 2011, Zillow reportedly purchased the company for $1 million cash and 700,000 shares of common stock. At the time of acquisition, Zillow reported that the number of Postlets users exceeded 500,000.

Asher Matsuda, Co-founder of Postlets.

Postlets for Business or Personal Use

Any size business or individual property managers/landlords take advantage of this free marketing tool. In today's economy, businesses are looking for ways to better utilize their resources. Additionally, businesses typically look at cutting costs in their marketing departments when times get tough. Postlets is a very cost effective marketing solution and will allow the business or individual to reach a broad client base through professional listings that can be shared on social media sites as well as classified ads sites such as

When people are searching for a property to either buy or rent, they want to gain as much knowledge as possible via the web to narrow their search before spending valuable time actually touring the home. Postlets allows you to create a professional looking listing page with photos that will appeal to these customers. Additionally, it will give you an advantage when posting on sites such as craigslist because the ad looks more legitimate than the standard craigslist ad.

See the difference for yourself.

Standard Craigslist Ad
Craigslist Ad with Postlets

As you can see, the Postlet ad on the right looks a lot more professional and would entice a potential buyer or renter to choose your posting over the competition.

How to Create a Postlet

Creating a Postlet is a simple process and best of all it's FREE. Simply create an account, follow the prompts, enter your information and upload your pictures and you are basically done. Once the Postlet is created, you can share it on 13 different social media sites and an html code is also generated for use with craigslist. If you would like to utilize Postlets for a craigslist ad and do not have a craigslist account, you will need to create one. provides local classifieds and forums for jobs, housing, for sale, personals, services, local community, and events. It is also a free site.

Creating a Postlet
You can create a Postlet ad by clicking the link and following the six easy steps explained in the tutorial.

Adding Postlet Ad to Craigslist
After creating your Postlet ad, you can then use the html code provided to create your craigslist ad. The following is a tutorial on how to complete that process.

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The following features are included with the free account. Additional features and extras are available for a nominal fee.

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Postlets is a real estate marketing tool for web 2.0. If a business or individual is looking to cut costs and produce a professional looking product to market real estate properties, this is a great tool to utilize. For the company I work for, it has been an effective tool in attracting people to apply for on-post housing while they are searching for home rentals on It allows businesses to reach a broader audience via other outlets in addition to their regular business websites.

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