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This tool was discontinued.

Picnik is a FREE web-based photo editing tool that allows user to upload photos from other websites and edit them. You can also upload photos from your own computer. Webites supported are Flickr, Facebook, MySpace, Picasa, Webs, Webshots, and PhotoBucket.

How to Use

Picnik is very simple to use. The site is deigned to get you started editing right away without having to fill out a bunch of electronic forms. You simply pick the location you would like to grab a photo from (either a website or your computer). Then you start editing it.

Once you are finished editing it, you can save it to your computer or re-post it to a website. Another option is to save it on an account with Picnik. This is as simple as entering you name, a password twice, and an email address twice.


If the free version isn't enough to meet your photo editing needs, there are premium packages available to purchase for a monthly rate.

Navigating the site

There are 5 main tabs on the site. They are Home, Library, Edit, Create, and Save&Share.

The Home

The home tab is a simple portal to get started on the site. It give helpful advice as well as gives basic info on your account, the company, or policies.

The Library

The library acts as a inventory of all the pictures that you have uploaded to the site. Here you can choose photos to edit or get more pictures. One editing feature available though the library is making a collage. The user is also able to make what is called a fancy collage, where scrapbooks and greeting cards, among other things can be created. Another feature available in the library is the ability to create canvases.

The Edit

The Edit tab allows you to work with your photos to rotate, crop, resize, adjust exposure, change color, sharpen, or fix red-eye. There is also a Auto-fix function which is very handy. If you are looking to get a better image, but don't have the time to mess with it, this function allows you to create a auto adjusted photo in seconds.

The Create

This tab allows you to do creative things with your photograph. For example: you can turn someone into a zombie, by using the Halloween effects. This can be a fun tool if you want to go beyond the basic photo adjustments.

The Save & Share

This tab allows you to save pictures of the photo to your computer, send them in an email, repost them to your webpage, or print.

The Site