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Periscope is an App that allows people to broadcast live videos to their followers. People can use their phone to easily share video streams. Periscope App provides a means for followers to join a live video stream and leave comments. The App allows followers to like their favorite video streams by clicking on a symbol of a heart. Periscope App gives users a great experience of being able to replay videos, stream private videos, comment on videos, and Etc.


Periscope was founded by Beykpour and Bernstrin in February 2014, their company's original name was Bounty. In their original idea they not only wanted to be able to read what was happening, but also wanted to see what was happening. After a few months, Periscope was acquired by Twitter before Beykpour and Bernstrin launched this software. After the acquisition, Periscope was launched on March 26th, 2015. A few months after launching the App, Periscope App users increased significantly.


How to get Periscope App

Periscope App is currently available for all ISO, Windows and Android users. All mobile devices can install Periscope App for free. For ISO operating system devices, search Periscope in the Apple store. For Windows operating system devices, search Periscope in the Microsoft store. For android operating system devices, search Periscope in Google Play. The following website show users how to get the Periscope App:


Link of the webpage:

How to use Periscope App

log in with Twitter

To start using the Periscope App. Users need to create a Twitter account to be able to use the Periscope App. Users can skip this step if they already have a Twitter account. To create a Twitter account users click on the link bellow:


link of the webpage:

Getting started

After creating a Twitter account, users can start using the Periscope App. The following video will show users how to use the Periscope app and all the features currently available:

Periscope for education

As a streaming video App, Periscope can be a very useful tool in the educational field, especially in distance(online) education. The most obvious advantage in education is the App's efficiency. When students taking online class, they can use the Periscope App on-the-go through their phones and other mobile devices. Second, the replay and comment features also allows students to ask quickly questions and replay videos multiple times.


Periscope for business

Periscope App provides a better means of connecting with customers and employees in a way that is more personal. This allows businesses to humanize their brand through product demos and customer service. One big advantage that the Periscope App provides to customer service is the ability to provide technology support. With Periscope, people now have a starting point that allows them to watch "how to" videos on fixing their electronic devices instead of listening.


Periscope App is very easy to get and use. It allows people to see what is going on in the world instead of just reading about it. Periscope App not only make people's personal life more convenient, but also provides improved efficiency in both education and business field.


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