Pen and Tablet Setups

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A mouse offers a fairly limited range of motion for inputting information into a digital image workspace.


What's a Pen and Tablet Setup?

Using a pen (and tablet) as an input devices offers a larger sense of control over freehand drawing, digital painting, doodling, writing, photo editing, and graphic design. Pen and tablet setups connect to the computer through a USB-plug. The locations on the tablet are representative of the locations on a computer screen. These are plug-and-play for accessing the computer screen.

Uses with other Technologies

Some mainstream photo editing and authoring tools have special features that work with a pen and tablet setup. Pen and tablet sets available to the wider public cost approximately $100 for small tablets (4 x 6”) and $200 for larger ones (6 x 8”, 6 x 11”, 9 x 12”, and others). The pens come with plastic nibs that are pressure-sensitive and pressure-sensitive “erasers.”

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