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History of PayPal

PayPal is an eCommerce company started in 1998 in Palo Alto, CA. PayPal allows businesses as well as average users to accept online payments and transactions for a relatively low charge of only 2.7% per swipe or transaction. In 2002 PayPal was purchased for $1.5 billion by the online auction powerhouse Ebay. In September of 2014, PayPal was spun off by eBay to be its own publicly traded company.

How To Set up an Account


To set up an account, go to and click "Sign Up For Free". Paypalsetup2.png

Enter all of your information into the required fields, then click "Agree and Create Account". Paypalsetup3.png

The next step is to link your account to either your credit/debit card, or your bank account through your banks routing number and account number. Paypalsetup4.png

The final step to setup is to decide whether or not you want to use PayPal Credit. PayPal Credit is a service that, dependent upon your credit history, allows you to buy products now, and pay later.

How To Use The PayPal App

How To Use PayPal for Your Business

Do you run a small business or are thinking of running a small business? Then you will need an effective system to accept payments from either debit/credit cards. PayPal Business offers the most competitive rates of the online transaction companies. To get started you will need to create a business account through PayPal. In order to create this account you must have a business bank account you can link to your PayPal account. Don't have a business bank account yet? Don't worry. You can select a Premier account at first, then upgrade later once your new bank account is opened. Once your account is set up, you will want to look into the "PayPal Here" if you have an actual face to face interaction with customers. "PayPal Here" is a triangle card reader than can plug into the headphone jack of any mobile iOS (Apple) device. With one swipe of a card, you can be on your way to making a profit!