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Papyrs is a powerful Web 2.0 tool that can be utilized by a wide range of companies to help organize content found within their intranet. The program allows a user to create detailed internal webpages that can be facilitated throughout the company to help get information to employees in an easy to present format. The features that are found on these pages are rich and encompass some of the following: rich text, images, attachments, checklists, and discussion tools. The program is currently in beta and is free for anyone to use. Once the program is completed they will offer a wide array of pricing schemes for small to large groups and businesses.


Papyrs is being developed by a software development company known as Stunf. Stunf is a small Netherlands company that aims to create software that is "intuitive, simple, and friendly" for both small businesses and independent professionals. The project originally came about because of the company's desire to use software to help organize their documents within their intranet so that it would be both useful to them and easy to find. Stunf initially looked around for different software solutions but could not find anything that met their requirements. They then decided that they probably were not the only company experiencing internal document organization problems so they decided to create a new program that would meet their specifications. The result of this new program is Papyrs. Papyrs was launched in beta in April of 2011 and continues to be updated by Stunf. It is becoming increasingly popular and has recently been accepted onto the Google Apps Marketplace.

Corporate Use

Stunf created Papyrs with a corporate use in mind. The application was designed so that larger businesses would have an easy and intuitive way to create internal webpages. The pages can be as detailed as the business would like and allows the business to store all of their information in one easy to access place. Any employee that is given access to the information can view, edit, or create new pages. This is especially important for corporations because it allows them the flexibility to keep information current and to amass information from several different sources. The program also provides discussion tools so that new ideas can be discussed throughout the business.

The application allows a company to create a protected space for employees to share an abundance of information through the safety of an intranet. After a company builds a personal intranet through Papyrs it allows employees to add information which can include all kinds of files, comment sections that allow discussion of a page, checklists to help with productivity, and even image galleries with thumbnails.

Another feature that Papyrs has is it allows a company to collect and process data with forms. Forms have the ability for text input for items such as phone numbers and email addresses, choice input with dropdown boxes, checkboxes, or radio buttons, file input to allow users to upload files to the created form, and date input.

Papyrs also makes organizing each of a company’s pages easy. It keeps track of a full version history of each page created. It allows a company to file pages under folders and subfolders to keep information categorized. It also allows one to receive email notifications when a page is updated and when a user comments or submits a form.

A major benefit that Papyrs provides is collaboration and with fellow employees and clients. A company can create teams and sub teams to split up projects and assignments. One can invite external users by email to share pages. This would be particularly useful with clients. A page can also be restricted to who can view and edit, who can submit and manage each form. You can also publish a page to allow general public access. Other examples of how the tools can be used in a business setting are provided in the Widget Overview section.

Personal Use

Papyrs was not really made with an individual use in mind. However the pages that are created can be published on the web, so an individual could use the software to create pages. An example of this could include Papyrs to be used as a resource for students and classmates to collaborate notes, ideas on projects, and receive assignment assistance. However, the widgets themselves are aimed at a business use, so the actual application for personal use would be limited. Also the pricing scheme of Papyrs when it goes live will be targeted towards businesses and not towards individuals. Users should not expect individual support from Stunf when using the product for personal use.

Account Creation

Widgets Available for Use to Create Pages

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Text Box Widget - Used to create text boxes on page.

Heading Widget - Used to create text boxes that look like headings.

Images Widget - Used to add images to page.

Media Widget - Used to add widgets outside of Papyrs.

Text Input Widget - Used to create text input boxes so users can input text data into a form.

Date Input Widget -Used to create date input boxes so users can input date data into a form.

Choice Input Widget -Used to create choice input boxes so users can select data from choices and save into a form.

Attachment Widget -Used to add attachments to page so that any type of file can be downloaded by users.

Checklist Widget - Used to create checklists so that individual users can check off items on list as they are completed.

Discussion Widget - Can be used to add discussion section to page. Which allows individual users to leave feedback on the page.

Navigation Widget - Used to show and document changes that have been made to the page.

File Input Widget - Used to create a file input box so that users can upload files to the page.

Checkbox Input Widget - Used to create a checkbox input box so that users can check of different sources of data and save it to a form.

User Input Widget - Used to create a user input box that allows users to select other users and submit a form to them.

Widget Overview

Example of Completed Page

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Papyrs describes their website as “a rich, intuitive intranet solution to streamline and organize your company's work flow.” Given the information provided this is an accurate description of the beta tool. With many uses combined with security, Papyrs offers a convenient solution to those looking to organize their business or personal lives.