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“OnTheRoad is the newest online travel journal that gives you the ability to share your journey every step of the way with those back home” (http://www.ontheroad.to/about). A main benefit of using this technology is the simplicity and ease of use. Items can be uploaded in any format and OnTheRoad will make all necessary modifications before uploading to your TripBook. “Your TripBook is the place where all your trips, articles, media, comments and so forth are stored” (http://www.ontheroad.to/features). Actually uploading information can be done many ways including via email or apps such as iPhone, Android or Windows Mobile. OnTheRoad offers numerous features such as an interactive map that makes traveling fun and hassle-free. You have the ability to see photos and destinations from other travelers, thus providing ideas and places to include in your own future travels. Also, you can send your family videos, making them feel as if they are on the trip as well. This allows more memories to be shared and savored rather than experiencing the feeling of separation and homesickness.


In 2007, a Czech technology entrepreneur, Michal Bláha realized the need for an easy, convenient communication and resource system for travelers. “[He] understood that the hardest part of traveling can be the distance from friends and family” (http://www.ontheroad.to/about). The simplistic and easy to use format has captured the attention of many, consequently earning them two major awards. OnTheRoad was the winner of the 2008 Microsoft Technology Award as well as the Startup of the Year – WebExpo 2008. Since this is an inventive technology that has freshly hit the market, it does not have much of a history trail.



OnTheRoad has many prospective uses. Some potentials users include travel agencies, hotels, corporations, educators, and students studying abroad. Travel agents could use OnTheRoad as a means of advertisement. When a client comes in they can have a “sample” trip set up and let the client use OnTheRoad to see pictures of their destination, the local weather, and a map detailing all the stops along the way. Hotels could utilize OnTheRoad in much the same way as travel agents. The hotel could set up “sample” local trips to show guests the main attractions located within a few hours of their area. OnTheRoad could serve as an accountability tool for many corporations. For employees who take company trips the visit could be pre-planned, thus holding the employee accountable for the intended business purpose. The company could require the employee to “check in” at each location along the way. Many educators are chosen to attend conferences. OnTheRoad would be a great way for these educators to share what they are learning in almost a “real-time” format; therefore ones unable to attend could feel like they were actually there. Many students studying abroad could also benefit from this technology, by sharing their international experiences with those back home.

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Here is a tutorial video explaining how to set-up and utilize an OnTheRoad account. Check it out!!


Pondering possible ideas for vacation or sites for travel? OnTheRoad has the tools for you. This resource has everything you need, from photos and videos to insight from other travelers about their trips. Then, once you actually decide to venture out, OnTheRoad has the ability to interactively map your trip, provide localized weather and information, and also create your own personal TripBook. While this technology seems to target an individual’s personal travels, it has the potential to branch out in several different ways. With its many unique and user-friendly features it will continue to grow and remain at a competitive level.