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NetSim is a comprehensive tool for studying computer networks. NetSim features state of the art network simulation technology, and comes with additional offerings that enhance and quicken students’ learning, and prepare them better for their career.



Model networks with various technologies, protocols, devices and traffic types. Study Performance metrics at network, link by link and packet levels Analyze and graph, inter and intra protocol performance by varying modeling attributes Learn from detailed simulation lab experiments Built as per International Standards set forth by IEEE, ITU and IETF View the different technologies in the Standard Version

Animated Basics

Teach with the support of animations and pictorial representations Enhance learning through real-life analogies

Technologies Coverage

Aloha, Slotted Aloha, Ethernet, Switching, Token Ring, Token Bus, WLAN – 802.11a /b g, RIP, TCP – Old Tahoe, Tahoe, Reno, New Reno, Sack, Fack, ATM, FR, X.25, OSPF, VoIP, Voice over wireless etc


NetSim is being used in over 150 universities across the world for teaching and lab experimentation on computer networks.

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