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Introduction to mySurveyLab


mySurveyLab is an innovative on-line survey system that allows users to create surveys and tests, collect responses, and analyze the collected data. The system is designed to be a simple, easy-to-use method, with quick and effective results. The simple and friendly interface allows just about anybody to use mySurveyLab, while reducing the amount of time required to design and conduct survey research. It is the perfect solution for anybody ranging from students working on small projects for class, to businesses looking to do research to improve their companies.

There are two different versions of mySurveyLab: the Free plan, and the PRO plan. The differences are outlined below:


Historical Development of the Software

mySurveyLab was first introduced in 2006. The system basically consists of an online web based survey method where surveys can be designed. The general public can then be invited to that particular survey (via e-mail), where they can log in and take the survey. Surveys can also be e-mailed to a particular target audience.

Since its introduction, numerous upgrades have been incorporated into the system. A step-by-step summary of all of the different features that have been added to the system are detailed below:


Version 1.1

Version 1.1 was launched on 12/23/2008. It had the following important features:

1). New advanced question and page logic.

2). The survey logic module was redesigned and a possibility to create page logic was added.

Version 1.2

Version 1.2 was launched on 04/15/2009. It had the following important features:

1). The "Other" option for multiple choice questions became available.

2). Updates to graphics and visualization was performed and a new logo was designed.

Version 1.5

Version 1.5 was launched on 08/23/2009. This time the changes were so significant that the company decided to make a big step in version number. It had the following important features:

1). New workflow for survey creation and data collection.

2). New invoice data form.

3). New paging for survey and collection lists.

Version1.5 3.jpg

4). New Media Kit site.

Version 1.6

Version 1.6 was launched on 12/06/2009. It had the following important features:

1). AJAX technology was introduced for adding new questions, pages, or question logic. This helped in faster creation of the surveys. To move through questions you just need to press move up ^ / down button v. Version1.6 1.jpg

2). RSS support for blogs was added.

Version 2.0

The major system release of version 2.0 was done on 01/10/2010. A new user interface was designed to make working with the system more comfortable and simpler to use. A new signup page and a new menu layout was designed that enhanced the navigation. Following are among the few features added:

1). New user interface and graphics.

2). Resend survey button.

3). Show survey results after completion.

4). Share survey results with a report link (URL).

5). New survey engine page.

Version 2.1

Version 2.1 was released on 03/04/2010. This time some enhancements were made in the survey software so mySurveyLab now worked faster and more stable. Following are among the few features added to the survey software:

1). Changes in the survey engine.

2). Survey completion time information.

Version 2.2

Version 2.2 was introduced on 05/25/2010. It had the following important features:

1). Anti-spam policy.

2). Functionality that will allow recipients to opt-out from e-mail messages.

3). Examples of system usage.

4). Web widgets (an innovative and eye-catching way to distribute surveys on a webpage). Version2.2.jpg

5). Smaller changes, including double precision for test question weights.

Version 2.3

Version 2.3 was launched on 09/07/2010. This time the focus was on making the mySurveyLab an international tool for making surveys. Support of multiple user languages was added as a result. Some of the features included:

1). Full Arabic, Hebrew and Farsi support (right-to-left text direction).

2). Improved survey navigation (IFRAME survey navigation issue solved).

3). Improved data export.

4). Change history page.

Version 2.4

Version 2.4 became available on 09/18/2010. This release was the result of changes requested by our users. The following are some of the few changes that took place:

1). Safe question editing (prevented users from accidentally deleting answer choices and collected responses).


2). Simplified navigation.

3). Ability to collect information about survey referring page (URL).

4). Addition of a new page, "Our Clients". Lets you see who else is using the mySurveyLab.

Version 2.5

It is the latest and the safest version available to date. It was launched on 09/25/2010. Important features include:

1). Enhanced security using the 256-Bit SSL encryption. All pages that can contain user personal data or passwords are protected with SSL.


2). For response collections conducted with the mailing system, a statistic showing collection status is added.

3). Test functionality has been enhanced by three more question types – essay, one line, and one or more open lines. Thanks to these changes it will be possible to build tests with descriptive questions.

Video Tutorial

Sample Test Creation Tutorial

Corporate and Personal Uses

As previously mentioned, MySurveyLab is a comprehensive survey building tool that can be used for projects of all sizes. The user friendly interface can adapt to personal requirements, such as those for small businesses or scholastic research, as well as corporate needs to help enhance business practices or products.


The following examples are just a few ways that this unique tool can be utilized by all types of clients.

Corporate Uses:

  • Surveys help a business assess the needs of their customers by:
    • Evaluating satisfaction with products, procedures, and services
  • Surveys help a business assess itself by:
    • Evaluating the company through an employee’s perspective
  • Data analysis provides valuable insights to perfecting business practices
    • Reports can be generated on the data collected
    • Provides easy presentation of results
    • Data is analyzed in real time, as collected, which is a valuable time saving feature

Personal Uses:

  • Data analysis can aid students in independent research studies
  • Small start-up businesses can generate surveys to see what products/services are in demand

Other Benefits:

  • Multi-language support for International needs
  • No installation of software is needed
  • MySurveyLab is ever changing and quick to respond to the needs of its clients (as shown in the many versions of the software to date)
  • Extensive consulting services available to aid companies in the creation of their surveys with special needs
  • Clients are very pleased with the technical support team

With all that MySurveyLab has to offer, it is no wonder that many large name companies have come to utilize its product; Alior Bank, Mercedes-Benz, and PMI just to name a few.


In today's world, surveys can be a very useful tool to help gather many different kinds of information. mySurveyLab is a wonderful tool that can make survey making and taking a breeze. It's easy to set up, simple to use, and helps you get your results faster than ever before. It's the perfect solution for businesses and individuals who are looking to conduct all different kinds of survey research, regardless of the size or type of survey being conducted. Many well-known businesses have already used mySurveyLab, and as the website continues to grow and gain popularity, many more will continue to use it in the future.