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What is moneyStrands


moneyStrands is a free online tool for money management and is a personal finance site designed to streamline your finances. This website manages your expenses, can create budgets, and can track your personal finances. The site collects all your information in one location with utilization of robust tools and their customization platform. Once you add your credit cards, bank information, and investments this website breaks down your finances and tells you where you are getting and spending money. It is on mobile devices such as the i-phone and a moneyStrands spokesperson can be followed on twitter with personal finance topics and questions. moneyStrands also has a blog with promotional and newsworthy information for users and others to follow.


moneyStrands is part of the Strands brand which is a leading developer of social discovery and personalization technologies for content and products online. Strands has established a tradition of developing online applications that aim to understand users' tastes in order to help them find content and products that they will like. They come with the perspective that everything that anyone wants to do can be done on the internet.

Strands expanded its efforts to reinvent the way people manage their money and the way they shop for financial products with this new product. Thanks to unprecedented access to constantly refreshing financial information regardless of location, we believe the future of personal finance belongs to young minds and investors with a remarkable independent streak, and a healthy "do-it-myself" attitude.

There are other personal financial management websites that were created before but Strands tried to incorporate their style and software to make it more efficient and effective.

Uses of moneyStrands

moneyStrands is a useful personal finance tool that helps users keep track of their personal finances,set up budgets, keep them posted on changes in their accounts, creates automatic graphical reports, and gives a report on the health of their debt to income ratio.

The My Accounts widget allows users to track the status of the balances in their bank accounts and credit cards by submitting data about their financial institutions and cards. It automatically tracks deposits, expenditures, interest payments, and updates the accounts in real time. This tool is helpful for personal users to keep track of how much money has been placed on credit cards and how much is in their account. It combines all of these separate financial tools into one easy to read and understand window.


Just for Me is a widget that shows offers and deals on products specifically tailored to the users particular spending patterns. This is a useful item that will help identify and bring to light specific deals the main user may find interesting or helpful.

The My Budget widget helps users set up budgets for all the expenses incurred through the year. Expenses are automatically categorized and the user can be alerted when the balance on the budget is reaching a low point. This tool is very useful for people that need to live on a budget but have trouble maintaining one on their own. Instead of keeping track of it themselves the moneyStrands will instead do it for them.

Alerts let the user know when there is activity on the account that the user may want to know about. Examples include when a budget goal reaches 100% and no more money can be allocated without going over, if a purchase is made over a pre-determined price, when the amount available on credit cards dips below a selected point, etc. This widget is helpful in that it can help the user prevent overspending, make them aware to strange activity on their accounts, keep them from maxing out credit cards, keep them from over drafting, allows them to know when money is available in large quantities, etc.

The reports widget is for more of a graphical presentation of expenses and income. This widget does not really do anything other than give you a visual representation of the activity on your account.

Lastly is the Debt to Income Ratio widget. This helps you track the state of your finances and gives you a summary report on the health of you finances. From and excellent rating which is <30% debt to severe which is >50% debt this widget will let you keep track of the situation the users finances are in.

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moneyStrands is a great online tool to keep all of your finances in one place and keep track of your money. For those people to busy to keep track of their own transactions, moneyStrands will allow you to see all of your transactions from all of your accounts in a fast and reliable way. This is a rather new online tool and with more interest will keep getting better. What do you have to lose? Try it free and decide for yourself.