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What It Is

Mindmeister is a web tool that promotes mind mapping, or brainstorming. It allows the user to connect to other users world wide and share/finish ideas and projects.

Mind Map

The main function of mindmeister is creating a mind map, or a brainstorming flow chart. The interface provided by the website is very easy to use and changing formats or importing other 'maps' is done in a very user friendly manner. The website is created so that all the user needs is a web browser, no plug ins or downloads.

Brainstorming Mode

Mindmeister allows two or more users to access the same map at the same time, creating a brainstorming session. The website allows each user accessing the map to make changes or edit that are immediately visible to the other user(s), providing instant feedback and teamwork. The process is made even easier by color coding new changes so that they are instantly recognized.

User Feedback

Many users have provided highly positive feedback for the site, many of these raving about how it helps productivity. Others complement the interface itself, describing it as clean, easy to use, and it works. The features allowing for group decision making, project planning, and strategic planning have also impressed some users.

Link to Mindmeister