Microsoft Security Essentials

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Microsoft Security Essentials offer free protection of home personal computers against viruses, spyware, and other types of malware. This tool is automatically updated.


Free Download

This downloadable software—for home use—may be accessed at the following site:


Click on the “Download Now” button. The following screen will appear. Select your proper locale or language.


Then, click which operating system you’re using. The following screen will pop up.

Executable Download.jpg

This will allow you to save the executable Microsoft Security Essentials file. Double click on the downloaded file. Your security system may ask if you want to run the file.

Genuine Windows

For this download to work, the PC must run genuine Windows, which must be validated by a check at Once you install it, you will see that it is protecting your computer based on the following image.


The Microsoft Malware Protection Center

This tool is supported by the Microsoft Malware Protection Center, which conducts research on computer risks. More about this center may be accessed at


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