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Microsoft Office Visio offers a range of tools for the visualization of processes, relationships, systems, and schedules.

The opening screen offers a range of templates in the left column. The most recent templates are reflected in the middle. The far right column shows recent documents.

MS Visio Opening Screen.jpg


Template Categories

This software tool offers template categories that are widely used in a variety of fields: business, engineering, flowchart, general, maps and floor plans, network, schedule, and software and database.

MS Visio Template Categories.jpg

For example, engineering templates involve various types.

MS Visio Engineering Templates.jpg

Business templates offer even greater varieties.

MS Visio Business Templates.jpg

Preset Forms

This tool offers pre-set forms. In the following example, this “data flow diagram” has a lot of shapes, borders and titles, backgrounds and arrow shapes that may be used.

MS Visio Data Flow Diagram Shapes.jpg

This tool offers plenty of aids to creating and laying out imagery—for object alignment, distribution, rotation, and copying.

A Look and Feel

Digital imagery may be imported into a Visio file.

Different styles and color themes may be applied to a particular image as well.

MS Visio Themes.jpg

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