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What is Meerkat

Meerkat is a live streaming service where broadcasters can link their Twitter account with their Meerkat account to live stream directly to their followers. Basically, users can use their phone to live stream through Twitter. It is possible to get a massive following while live streaming because you can Tweet out an invitation (or link) for your Twitter followers to open and watch your stream. You even can send out a link for a stream that hasn't started yet so that you can give users a chance to get in before you start streaming. It has become widely used to: give tours of offices and homes, bring live concerts or sporting events to anyone, or just good old fashioned vlogging. Twitter users have fallen in love with the idea that not only can they see live content from their friends or people they are interested in, but they can also interact with them via a live comment feed that the broadcaster can monitor while streaming.



Meerkat started as an IOS App that lets users live stream through their Twitter account, and has since been made compatible with Android users. It was created in February 2015 by Ben Rubin after he had struggled to create a video sharing website called Yevvo. In December 2014, after two years of being unable to gain traction on Yevvo, Mr. Rubin decided it was time to to move on. The main problems with the website were that it was clunky, hard to use and even just hard to find the content. He was able to fix all of these things when he created a simple, easy to use, and easy to share extension of the Twitter App called Meerkat.

How to Use Meerkat

Starting a live steam with Meerkat is as simple as owning a Twitter account and downloading the Meerkat app from the either the Apple or Android Store. The better quality camera your phone has the better, as Meerkat uses your phone or tablets camera without adding any additional quality. For a more in depth tutorial please watch this video created by Wendy Brainer from Endurance Marketing. Wendy starts with the app already having been download and then shows new users exactly what to do from there!

Personal and Business Use

Personal: This tool has revolutionized the way people can interact with each other and expanded our understanding of one another. Letting fans or friends interact with your daily life, at least what you want people to see, has never been something people have been able to do before now. Viewers can see things they normally can't and be places they normally can't. Meerkat literally opens up the world in the palm of your hand.

Business: Meerkat has many potential uses for businesses in terms of sharing and interacting with their customers. People can be more closely connected with a firm than ever, but their are some glaring issues. For one, say you are live streaming a NFL game of which you are in attendance of. You paid for a ticket for the right to watch the game live, but the thousand people watching via Meerkat didn't. This brings into question many interesting copyright issues as users can basically temporarily steal content. Other areas could include: concerts, movies, sporting events, or any other event of which to watch you must pay to view in some way. However, it would be next to impossible to stop users from streaming as it would be difficult for businesses to find one camera in the stands and then for sure be able to determine whether or not they were streaming it. As Meerkat grows from infancy to the media giant they are poised to become, these are issues that will have to be addressed.



Meerkat is a great new app for people who want a different way to connect to their audience. It is a simple to use media tool capable of reaching a massive audience in a moments notice. For some companies, Meerkat may not offer much. However, if firms wish to let their customers inside of their business through a first hand experience then Meerkat can be used very effectively. With great promise comes great obstacles and Meetkat's creator Ben Rubin will have many to overcome in the next few months as Meerkat will inevitably begin feeling pressure from copyright infringement claims. If Twitter and Meerkat can manage a way to appease content creators and streamers; then Meekat may just become the next big thing.