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ManageME7.0 offers money management targeted for personal and small business use with their web-based software. “Managing personal finances well is integral to everybody’s lifestyle today with ever-growing expenses and limited income. We have a simple solution that suits everybody’s need, be it a personal user or a small-medium business user”, said Khem Raj, the eMarketing Head of manageME. Are you ready for manageME?


ManageME7.0 is a five year old company, which was developed and promoted by Vinove Software and services. Vinove has expertise in developing and promoting web based products and services, and have launched several successful products.

ManageME7.0 was developed to help users manage their finances and secure their financial future. The earliest version of ManageME7.0 was a success; however, a newer version has been launched to improve customer experience. A feature that allows money to be monitored in multiple major currencies was added to the new ManageME7.0. Ashish Sharma, the technical head of ManageME7.0, has stated that the new version also has an increased speed in comparison to the previous version, which became a bit slow due to burgeoning user interface. The company took the utmost care on increasing the speed factor of ManageME7.0. Ring Christmas Bell With ManageMe7.0 With the new editions to the Web2.0 it has become even easier to manage finances via the internet.

How to Create an Account

ManageME7.0 Tools


Accounts Click to view Image from ManageME7.0

- Manage your bank and cash accounts.

- Create and add accounts by selecting on the ‘ACCOUNTS’ tab from the top navigation bar. Exercise the ‘Add New Account’ option, fill in the relevant details and the account is created. Repeat the process for setting up additional accounts.

Transactions Click to view Image from ManageME7.0

- Manage transactions linked to your various accounts.

- Add transactions by selecting the ‘TRANSACTIONS’ tab. Hit ‘Add Transaction’ and fill in the transaction details. Your transaction will be added to the account of your choice.

Reminders Click to view Image from ManageME7.0

- Set reminders for receipts and payments.

- Add reminders by selecting the ‘Reminders’ tab and follow the prompt to set your reminders. You can add bills, deposits, or personal reminders based on their category, amounts, occurrence, and due dates.

Budget Click to view Image from ManageME7.0

- Set a limit and track your complete budget.

- Add budgets by selecting the ‘BUDGET’ tab and setting the expected amount on your Expenses and Income categories. Keep track of your actual amount spent or received on those categories.

Categories Click to view Image from ManageME7.0

- Select the ‘CATEGORIES’ tab to manage your income and expense categories and track the money sent and received from different activities.

Reports Click to view Image from ManageME7.0

- Select the ‘REPORTS’ tab to generate accounts and transaction reports.

Business Use

ManageMe7.0 not only benefits individuals on the personal level with a wide range of financial tools, but it is also beneficial to professionals and entrepreneurs. The money management software targets small-business users with its simplicity and flexibility. It also has a great convenience for professionals working in an international environment by offering multi currencies along with multiple accounts. As stated by Vinove their vision is "To be globally recognized for providing quality eBusiness solutions to its customers worldwide." With the continuous updating of new additions to the software to reach the vision of Vinove ManageME7.0 allows companies to deal with their overseas finances with ease in one place.

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"We make you realize ‘the essence of money’, so that you can enjoy all big and small things of life, where money matters a lot.” said Khem Raj, the E-Marketing Head of ManageME 7.0. Ring Christmas Bells With ManageME7.0 With the new editions to ManageME7.0, which allows individuals to put their finances on autopilot, the goal of Khem Raj and the ManageME7.0 company is possible for anyone.


Through this Wiki and analysis from other contributers we know that you are now well aware of what you are missing by not investing into FINANCIAL FREEDOM. Please understand that this is only one demonstration of financial budgeting online, but we do believe that this company deserves consideration. Whatever you should decide CONGRATULATIONS on deciding to look into your finances!

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