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MailChimp is an user-friendly email service provider (ESP) which helps MailChimp users to be connected and get in touch with anyone in their interests easier. It basically allows sending bulk emails to many people, which is very handy for marketers to do their related marketing activities. It has major tools of email marketing such as manage subscriber lists, build email campaigns, and review campaign reports. Its web-based service (also called "Software-as-a-Service") makes MailChimp very accessible to anyone and major technology platform, especially with freemium service.


MailChimp is designed to be email marketing service and it is trading name of its operator.

Ben and Dan

MailChimp founded in 2001 by Ben Chestnut and the company is located in the United States. The company's logo is a funny chimpanzee which creates humor sense in the website. It is used to be ChimpMail, but it has changed because the domain name is not longer available at that time. Currently, MailChimp can be accessed through a web-based or mobile-based application. However, offline application is also available for some features. It has started as a paid service, but in 2009, MailChimp also offers freemium option. The free service offers storage up to 2000 subscribers and ability to send up to 12,000 emails per month.

Usage and Features

MailChimp works by demonstrating a quick MailChimp account set-up and a first step look into predefined email marketing campaign. MailChimp provides tools to create lists (subscribers), create campaigns, and send beautiful personalized newsletter campaign.

MailChimp features are include:

  • CREATE : email templates and designer tools,API Integration, multi-user accounts, merge tags, and beamer;
  • MANAGE : forms customization, segmentation and groups, and profiles;
  • DELIVER : automation, geolocation, email delivery, time zone, testing, and RSS-to-email;
  • ANALYTICS : testing, reports, and comparative;
  • MOBILE : mobile apps, editor, coupon scanner, and SMS for events;
  • SHARE : campaign archives, social profiles and sharing.

MailChimp also can be use for personal usage to stay updated and connected with all of your subscribers (family members, friends or any type of relation).

Business Purposes

MailChimp is very helpful for marketing campaign. It helps to manage contact, send emails, and track results. MailChimp allows you to design, write, and send campaigns to your audience you preferred, so that you can decide what to say to them. MailChimp also provides explanation how to create and send HTML email in easy way so that you can develop your own email marketing plan.

How To Use

This section will cover the most commonly use MailChimp features, although it have many other features. Let's take a look on following 3 practical trainings inside MailChimp basic function.

The first tutorial will show how to sign up with MailChimp free services.

The second tutorial will show how to create contacts list.

The last tutorial will show how to create campaign.


MailChimp will be the first priority option when it comes to ESPs (Email Service Provider) that offers free up to 20,000 emails sending capacities. It is not only help milions of small business, but also it may be worthwhile to do experiment with the alternatives when we need more enterprise capacity and services. It helps you design email newsletters, share them on social networks, integrate with other services and track your results. MailChimp SENDS BETTER EMAIL!