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Localphone is a cheap way to make international calls from you mobile,landline or computer from as low as 0.5¢ per minute. Localphone comes from England and is very popular since it came on the scene. Localphone have slashed the cost of international calling. Each contact gets their own local number - no contracts, no hidden charges, and no monthly fees.

It generally has seven basic services: Local numbers, Internet phone, Global SMS, Calling card, Dial online, Incoming numbers and Callback.


Localphone Ltd is the new business venture of British entrepreneur Paul Cusack.

During Paul’s time in his previous business—Ebuyer (UK) Limited—he travelled extensively, racking up huge telephone bills. During one of these trips he researched how he could reduce his phone bill and found the technology of Voice Over IP (VoIP). While the existing services that he found were adequate, he felt that the philosophies he had used in his previous business models could be used to create a better service, with a powerful, easy to use system, and extremely low pricing.

After many months of research, numerous courses, and with the help of a dedicated programming team, he has come up with a service that is everything he had hoped for. Localphone allows you, the customer, to make low cost calls from any location in the world—often for less than the price of a local phone call!

The Localphone Team are constantly working on new ideas and concepts that will enhance your communication while retaining the ease of use you have come to expect.


1.Local Numbers


We'll give you a unique local number for each of your international contacts. Save these numbers to your phone to call your friends abroad cheaply.

Call from any mobile or landline:

a.Really cheap international call rates

b.Only pay for the calls you make

c.Great call quality

d.Get straight through with no PINs or re-dialing

Try a free test call: https://www.localphone.com/register

Learn more: http://www.localphone.com/services/local_numbers

2.Smartphone apps


Call and text from your iPhone or Android phone to over 250 countries at our low rates. Our apps dial local numbers to connect the calls internationally.

Available for Android and iPhone:

a.One click calling

b.Clear call quality

c.Keep in touch by text

Apple Store Download: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/localphone-official-app/id445334330?mt=8

Google Play Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.localphone.localphoneapp

3.Internet Phone


Download our Internet Phone to call overseas from your computer for less. Or, you can use your own VoIP device to access our low rates.

Call from your computer or VoIP device:

a.Works anywhere in the world

b.Low cost calls using your broadband connection

c.Call other Internet Phone users for free

d.Option to call from your own device

How to set your device: http://www.localphone.com/services/voip

4.Global SMS


Keep in touch by sending text messages from our website from just 1¢ /message. The message will appear to have come from your phone.

Send international texts:

a.Save money on texting friends abroad

b.View your conversations online

c.Send texts from different numbers

Start sending cheap texts: https://www.localphone.com/register/global_sms

5.Calling Card


Save time and money by adding one local rate Calling Card number to your phone. Just call it then re-dial your full international number.

Access our rates on the go:

a.Local-rate Calling Card number

b.No connection charges

c.Speed dials for quicker calling

Start making cheap calls: https://www.localphone.com/register/calling_card

Why use Localphone


Some of the world’s cheapest call rates;

No contracts or hidden costs;

You only pay for the calls you make;

Add as little as $1 in credit;

Great call quality - try it and see.

Localphone Wins ITSPA Award for Best Consumer VoIP 2013:


 We are proud to announce that Localphone attended the ITSPA Awards 2013 in London last week and were announced as the winners of the Best Consumer VoIP category! ITSPA (The Internet Telephony Services Providers’ Association), the voice of the UK VoIP industry, held its annual awards ceremony in the House of Commons last week in London. The awards were hosted by Dr Julian Huppert MP, Vice Chair of the Parliamentary Internet Communications and Technology Forum and were presented in 8 categories. Localphone were announced the proud winners of the Best Consumer VoIP Award, beating BT to the title, which was announced as the runner up with Highly Commended.

All entrants had to submit a written case study and self-assessment, which were independently reviewed by the ITSPA Awards judges and Malden Electronics conducted two months of technical testing for three of the categories, including Best Consumer VoIP. Full details of the awards can be found at www.itspaawards.org.uk.

Paul Cusack, CEO and founder of Localphone, said, ‘It is a great honour to receive the ITSPA 2013 Award for Best Consumer VoIP and I am extremely proud of this achievement and recognition. It wouldn’t have been possible without the help from all the Localphone employees who have worked so hard to make our service world class, so I’d like to offer my personal appreciation to them. We have lots of exciting plans and product development scheduled in for 2013 and we look forward to announcing these to the public in the coming months as well as entering more categories at the ITSPA Awards next year.’

Here it is how our Localphone works:

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