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Libris Overall

Libris is an eBook reader developed in Java for use on mobile devices (although it will work on standard computers too). Libris reads files stored in .lbr or .bin format and scales the eBook to fit on the device screen. Libris has been adapted to run on Palm devices. Libris eBooks are created using the MakeLibris. This makes it easy to convert books located at sources such as Project Gutenberg into .lbr files. The Libris reader allows bookmarking, table of contents, quick paging, and both Bluetooth and USB connectivity.

File Types

Publishes as a .lbr or .bin file.

Libris Features

• easy to read anti-aliased fonts
• international characters (ISO Latin 1)
• bookmarks
• table of contents
• single key access to main features
• menu system (access with * or soft key)
• quick paging with next page rendered while you read
• auto recall of current page on launch
• built-in help
• certified by Java Verified

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