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About Amazon Kindle

The Amazon Kindle is a e-reading device created by

This device enables the user to download and read actual textbooks, novels, newspapers, magazines and other digital related media. This media is purchased through a variety of outlets such as amazon, itunes and independent dealers. It's storage capacity can hold as many as 3,500 books at one time, and weighs only 8.5 ounces and 1/3 of an inch thick. The first Kindle model was released in 2007 and is currently selling in it's third version. Each version significantly improves on its predecessor, and now features wi-fi, 3G functionality and simulated "page like" appearance.

Although it's main function serves as a reader, the Kindle can incorporate other features important to tech savvy consumers. The Kindle can connect to the internet, allowing users to check e-mails, navigate popular websites and update social media status'. It can also play mp3 formats and has a unique text to speech feature, which can read a book aloud for one or many.

Ways to Kindle

Although the original concept for the Kindle was a stand alone reader, Amazon has adapted the Kindle style to fit a variety of platforms. The Kindle is now available as an app on the IPhone, IPad, PC and other smartphone devices. This provides the user the ability to use their account on more than one device at the same time. This flexibility has enabled the Kindle to be the most successful e-reader in the industry with a 60% market share.

Below are comparisons of the currently available models with specifications and pricing.


How to Kindle


It is necessary to register each device/app with a valid account. By registering each device/app, the user is able to sync purchases made through the account to the device. Registration is limited to two devices per account. The following video shows how to register a Wi-fi device.


Navigation on the Kindle is facilitated by use of a 5-button directional pad (D-pad) on the lower right of the device. The four outer buttons move the active cursor in the respective direction. At the center of the D-pad lies the fifth button, which is used to select the active cursor application. The D-pad is used for navigating menus, browsing books and collections, and making selections.

There are two duplicate tabs along the right and left sides of the device that are used to navigate through books. The upper buttons turn pages back, the lower buttons proceed the on-screen content to the next 'page'. The D-pad allows users to highlight passages and include annotations.

There is a keyboard at the bottom part of the device that is used for entering text. This is useful when using the search function and for entering annotations throughout the text. While there are no dedicated buttons, numbers and symbols are entered by pressing the 'Sym' button and entered using the D-pad.


The Kindle comes with many accessories. Among them are screen protective sheets, cases that protect the device, lights for the device, and even cases that showcase your team spirit. Below are images of a few examples.

Casestand.png Case.png Teamcase.png

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