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About Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a not-for-profit organization that is geared for changing education for the better. Their motto is "A free world-class education for anyone anywhere". Khan Academy is a free video-based website that houses almost 4,300 videos that cover over 23 different subjects in 27 different languages. Khan Academy has become the Go-To website for extensive material on a variety of subjects to either learn as a student or inquire about as an interested individual. Khan Academy has delivered almost 300 million lessons and impacted the learning world with a comprehensive "Knowledge Map" that tracks each individuals statistics and progress over time to show the skills they need to work on and the topics on which they have mastered.


The Founder and Executive Director of Khan Academy is Salman Khan. Khan has three degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Mathmatics, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. He began tutoring in 2004 and when the lessons became popular he decided to put his tutorials on YouTube, with the popularity rising he decided to launch his very own website in 2006 called "Khan Academy". With the website booming and the testimonials raving, Khan quit his job at a hedge fund to work on Khan Academy full-time. Khan Academy is funded solely by donations with the majority of the donations coming from the Gates Foundation and Google. The website had a multi-language release in 2012 to expand the availability to many different countries. Today Khan Academy has over 1 million subscribers and almost 300 million video views.


How It Works

Getting started with Khan Academy is made easy with its option to link with Facebook or Google. You start by creating a profile so it can track your activity and progression to build points to earn badges. The website is divided by topics to choose from that give you videos to watch and quizzes to take to test your knowledge, each quiz has a link to a video about the topic in-case you are stuck. After you take each quiz you can go to your profile and see how you did and other topics that relate to the one you are on.

Also in your profile is a Knowledge Map that you can navigate on to different topics and see the relationship each one has with the other. The website is easy to use and provides a wide variety of topics to get you through that tough class or brush up on every day knowledge.



Khan Academy's main features are largely within the interactive profile that you can make by signing in with Facebook or Google. This profile tracks your activity and registers your progress over time to analyze your strengths and weaknesses. After taking quizzes, your profile will give you feedback and show areas that need improvement. The more activity you have the more points you earn and those points are used to receive badges that serve as "bragging" points to others that use the site, this is mainly a strategy for students that use this site along with a classroom setting. To the right is the Knowledge Map that shows how topics are related and prerequisites you need before you begin certain topics. This is a revolutionary way to view subjects and a user-friendly way to understand each subject and how they correlate with each other.

Additionally, Khan Academy has launched an app for your tablet or smartphone to download and view videos instantly. This is a great feature that can be utilized for last minute studying on the way to an exam or in an elevator on the way to a business meeting.

Business & Group Uses

Khan Academy is geared for learning outside of the classroom or business setting. However, with the profile feature you can also use the Coach setting which allows you to link together with the rest of your classmates or business peers. This is great for teachers to use when assigning their students homework or in the corporate world if an employee needs to learn a new topic.