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What is Jungle Disk?

Jungle Disk is an application that protects files from loss, theft, viruses, or natural disasters by allowing users to securely backup, sync, and share their files online using Cloud Storage providers. Jungle Disk has both personal and business applications with features ranging from basic to comprehensive. By using Jungle Disk users can sync their files across all of their computers, share business data securely across the world, and access data from anywhere using a web browser.

All of Jungle Disk's applications feature Jungle Disk's storage system, Backup Vaults which uses compression and de-duplication technology to make backups more efficient and reduce storage costs. File security is always top notch as users are able to create and control their own AES-256 encryption key. Finally, Jungle Disk provides users with total control over their files by allowing them to choose where they want to store their files. They can choose between two leading Cloud Storage providers, Rackspace or Amazon.

Jungle Disk's prices range from $2 per month (plus storage fees) to $5 per month per server (plus storage fees). Storage fees are determined by the Cloud Storage provider and they are generally about $0.15 per GB per month. Users should also be alert for data transfer and data request fees. Amazon charges for these but Rackspace does not.


May 2006 - First Jungle Disk version 1.0 was initially released.

December 2006 - Version 1.2 (Windows) was released. This version contained “Automatic Backups”

September 2007 - Version 1.43 was released. This version fixed the minor problems in the existing version.

June 2008 - Version 2.0 was released. This was the biggest update since Jungle Disk was first made available. Jungle Disk 2.0 included major upgrades in functionality, performance, and ease of use.

October 2008 - Jungle Disk was acquired by Rackspace to expand their capabilities (Tech Crunch).

December 2008 - Version 2.49c was released. Unlike previous betas which included only the Desktop Edition, this release was available for the Workgroup and Reseller editions as well.

June 2009 - Jungle Disk redeveloped their customer service processes to make them more effective.

November 2009 - Jungle Disk launched a new server backup for businesses. They also changed their product line to a subscription-only model (Wikipedia).

More news worthy information concerning Jungle Disk can be found below.

Business Use

Jungle Disk offers two different applications for business use: Workgroup Edition and Server Edition

Workgroup Edition provides secure online file sharing, backup, and sync for teams of 2 to 100 users. This edition costs $4 per user per month (plus storage fees). It works just like a local drive on a computer. Changes and updates to documents can be instantly synced so that the entire team has access to the latest files on their local computers even if they are offline. Each user's access can be controlled and limited as desired. Files can also be accessed from anywhere using Jungle Disk's secure website or by using the USB version that can be carried with you.

Server Edition allows a business to backup an entire server with ease. This edition is compatible with Windows and Linux based servers and is available for $5 per server per month (plus storage fees). There are no file size or backup limits. Jungle Disk's Backup Vaults are specifically designed for server backups and reduce storage costs 10-20x compared to traditional backup systems. You can manage your data from anywhere using the Jungle Disk Server Management Client which can be installed on multiple admin machines at no additional cost. Server Edition allows you to set a retention period in which all files can be restored from any backup without worry. Easy to understand backup reports can also be created and viewed via web, email, or RSS.

Personal Use

Jungle Disk also offers two applications for personal use: Simply Backup and Desktop Edition

Simply Backup allows you to backup your files on the internet. This edition is available for $2 per month (plus storage fees). There are no storage limits or tiered pricing. You only pay for what you use and you can protect all of your computers for only one monthly fee. Simply backup supports both Mac and Windows computers. You can restore files from any backup and there are no limits on how long backups are kept.

Desktop Edition allows you to backup, sync, and access your files across all of your computers. This edition is available for $3 per month (plus storage fees). There are no storage limits or tiered pricing. Desktop Edition supports both Mac and Windows computers. This edition allows you to control your data with easy-to-use tools, automatic backup, and file sharing between multiple computers anywhere. It works just like a local drive on your computer. Files can be accessed and synced through Jungle Disk's secure website or the USB version that can be carried with you.

Working with Jungle Disk

Jungle Disk is currently one of the hottest softwares on the market. Many organizations could increase their efficiency by using this software within their project teams.

As organizations face rough times, many people have been assigned to new project teams across different locations. One of the biggest barriers to any project team is maintaining and communicating progress. Usually files are emailed to one another for review and then sent back by mail. This process can be time consuming and costly.

By using Jungle Disk in your project team setting, you will be able to work more efficiently and be ready for that next promotion.

We have provided a few training guides to increase your knowledge of Jungle Disk. This information is shown below.

The following video shows how to backup files using Jungle Disk Simply Backup:

The following video shows how to restore a file using Jungle Disk Simply Backup:


While there are many data back up software programs on the market, Jungle Disk seems to have a leg up. Since they were linked to Amazon.com once before, they received a jump start to their business. Jungle Disk also has a quick market entry time frame for new softwares and enhancements. These two items will provide a cost effective solution for many customers for a long time, especially as an offsite storage mechanism for additional hard drive space or as a backup solution (CSM Wire).

Not only is Jungle Disk effective, it is easy to use (Amazon). The entire sign up and download process takes about 5 minutes. Once your software is loaded, most of the processes Jungle Disk can perform can be learned in a few minutes. To many customers this is the best asset of this software.





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