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What is Instagram?

Instagram App

Instagram is a social media platform that provides multiple features such as photo sharing, video sharing, social networking, and hash-tagging. It allows users to share content across multiple sites including Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, and Tumblr through their mobile phone or personal computer. Users can also filter their photos and post 15-second videos.

Instagram is free and available for download through Google Play, the Apple app store, and Windows Phone store.


Instagram began in San Fransisco, California where Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger first launched it in October 2010. Within 2 months Instagram already had 1 million users and within a year this increased to 10 million. Instagram was then purchased by Facebook in April 2012, after which its active users increased by 23%.

Instagram's worldwide success is said to be attributable to its continuous improvement. Instagram frequently updates its features, photo effects, and availability in order to enhance its usage.

Usage and Account Setup

The video below shows how to setup a new Instagram through your phone. The process is very similar on a personal computer.

Once your account is setup, you can now begin posting photos and videos. Photos can be resized, brightened, and have filters applied. Meanwhile, videos can be cut and are limited to 15 seconds. All photos and videos allow the use of hashtags as a form of descriptor, as well as a means to allow lookup by other users.


Personal and Business Use

Instagram has many features for personal and business use. Individuals can network with other users and share their daily lives through photos and video sharing. This content is organized through hashtags, which allows their posts to be looked up by others. This is another great social networking tool for individuals who want to connect with others locally and globally.

The multiple capabilities of Instagram also create an avenue for businesses to connect with target markets, advertise products and services, and strengthen brand image. The majority of businesses that utilize Instagram consist of for-profit organizations, as well as community-oriented non-profits. Some of the most successful businesses that utilize Instagram include Billboard, the Boston Celtics, Coach, Forever21, PepsiMax, Puma, Sharpie, Starbucks, and many others. They all use this form of social media to promote their brand, communicate with fans or customers, and increase traffic on their websites.

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Conclusion and References

Instagram is a great tool not only for personal use, but business use as well. Individuals and businesses can participate in social networking, photo sharing, video sharing, and hash tagging. An added advantage to these features is the fact that businesses have another medium through which they can communicate with current and future customers, make product and service announcements, and enhance their brand image. There are many social media tools important to business success and Instagram is quickly rising to the top.