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iTunes is an application that stores, organizes, and plays videos and music on your computer. You can buy music, sync your iPod to your iTunes, and stay on the cutting edge of music, TV, videos, and more. The first version of iTunes became available in 2001.


iTunes Player

The iTunes Player makes it easy to browse, organize, and play all your media. There are different views that make it easy to see your music, whether you want to view by album, artist, or most recently played.

The browsing mechanism is simple, keeping everying in one place. Once downloaded, music goes straight to the library. Two views: cover flow and grid view, allow for users to view their music however they like.

The organization mechanism will automatically find the name of a CD, the names of the tracks, and all other information if it's connected to the internet. iTunes will download the CD straight to the library, cover art and all. I tunes allows users to make their own play lists. It also gives them the option to create multiple lists. A user can make a list for commuting, working out or a relaxing evening at home. The play lists can combine any artisits or genres so users can create new play lists to combine Elton John with the Black Eyed Peas.

iTunes calls itself the "world's greatest entertainment center" with interactive worlds on certain CDs, special features on downloaded movies, and a shuffilng ability. iTunes has it all in one location.

iTunes Store

The iTunes store allows users to search, explore, and discover all the music and movies users desire.

The search bar in the upper right-hand corner allows for quick searches of artists, songs, or movies. If users begin to type, iTunes automatically fills in what it believes the user is searching for. If the user misspells a name, similar results appear and the user is able to find the right song or movie.

The home screen for the iTunes Store has many opportunities for users to explore iTunes. It highlights new music or movies that have come to iTunes. There are top download lists for users who want to stay current. Users can narrow these lists down, looking for the top downloads in rock music albums.

A relatively new feature to iTunes is called "Genius." Genius will suggest other music or movies to users based on their purchases. For example, if a user were to purchase a Carrie Underwood country album, iTunes would suggest Taylor Swift's latest CD, as well as some Brad Paisley singles. This feature also works for music searches the user conducts. When you search and preview songs iTunes shows songs/albums that we might like as well.

iTunes Everywhere

If users have an iPhone or iPod, it is simple to sync these with your iTunes. This will update playlists, new movies, or new albums with little effort from the user. In addition to the hand held devices, iTunes can also sync with the iPad and Apple TV digitally. iTunes can be downloaded for free, and automatically loads when you link an iPod to a computer. iTunes can also be used to add applications to iPhones and other i-products.

Media Sharing

iTunes allows its users to share their media libraries with others through networks that use the DAAP protocol developed by Apple. This allows users the ability to share music, videos, etc with each other easily. It doesn't, however, save the media files to its new destination to avoid copyright infringements. This is just another tool that makes iTunes one of the most popular media players on the planet.

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