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iGoogle, a service of Google, is a personal web portal . It was originally released in May 2005. It was called Google Personalized Homepage and later changed to iGoogle in April 2007. This is when Google began making the product available in many languages. A personalized homepage includes a Google search bar at the top and a users choice of many different gadgets.



There are many different forms of gadgets that provide access to information and activities from all of the web. This allows for a user to never have to leave their homepage. Some things that a user can do with their gadgets include but are not limited to viewing their Gmail messages, Google news, weather, celebrity news and also users can even design their own gadgets. The language tool allows people to translate between languages. Also the language tool can be used to translate web pages to different languages. Lastly people can visit the Google site in their native language.


Another feature of iGoogle is the chat feature. This chat box allows for a user of Gmail to chat with other Gmail users without having to go to gmail.com.


iGoogle also lets a user choose what kind of a theme they want to have on their homepage. These themes were created by Google and also users of iGoogle. There are many different themes to choose from and are organized into categories. Some of these categories are artist, game, nature, sports, etc.

Artist themes

In April 2008, Google began offering a choice of themes by professional artists.


iGoogle offers a one stop information center that is customized to meet users needs. In a fast paced internet world, this gives users the time saving benefit of having the info they want to know in front of them. Email, weather, stocks, blogs, news, gossip, and more are visible at a glance on one screen.

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