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Hudl is a service and software company headquarted in Lincoln, Nebraska. The purpose of Hudl is to provide full video analysis tools geared towards athletes and coaches to capture game plays, have unlimited access to watch the videos and use them to learn from previous games to improve tactics and strategies for future games.

Historic Development

Founders of Hudl

Hudl was formed in 2006 by three talented young men: Brian Kaiser, David Graff and John Wirtz who graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

It all started when they realized the great amounts of effort and time that major football teams put into burning copies of game plays onto DVDs and distributing them to their athletes. They knew that there was surely was a better and more efficient way to doing that. That's how Hudl was formed.

Hudl was first tested by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Husker football team and after proving successful, Hudl expanded their services to other universities, even high schools across the nation and to other sports genres like baseball, soccer and volleyball.

Hudl has achieved many praises since their launch. In 2010, Brian, David and John were recognized in the 30 Under 30 List by Inc. Magazine as the America's leading young entrepreneurs under 30 years old. Growing fast, Hudl has plans to expand their office space so that they can hire new talent.

Currently, Hudl has 2 existing office spaces in 2 separate buildings in the historic Haymarket District of Lincoln. Hudl is currently expanding to a new location, just west of the Haymarket District where they will have their own building space of 75,000 square feet and have the ability to hire 300 more employees in the next three years.


Hudl offers four types of price plans for each package, which can are shown below. Each plan has additional features depending on the package chosen. More detailed information about each package plan can be found here:

Huskers Football Team

1. High School & College Package:

• Silver - $800/year

• Gold - $1,400/year

• Platinum - $3,000/year

2. Middle School:

• Silver - $400/year

• Gold - $700/year

• Platinum - $1,500/year

3. Club & Youth:

• Basic: $99/year

• Elite - $299/year

• Club & Youth Leagues - price varies

4. Pro Teams:

• Connect with a Hudl representative at (402)-817-0060 for a customized package

Use of Technology

Hudl theme: Dominate

Coaches and athletes will have to go on to and create a Hudl account in order to record game plays.

After signing up or logging in, coaches and athletes will have to select the appropriate package and price that is most suitable. After becoming a member and making the payment, the user may begin to record videos.

Game plays can be recorded using any recording device such as smartphones, iPads and tablets instead of needing to use a high definition video camera. After recording, the videos are secured and available to the coach and his/her team through the Internet.

Once the video is recorded, analysis tools are available to pause and make notes and illustrations. Every video is stored in the user's account library for easy accessing and clean storage.

After analyzing a video, coaches and athletes can watch their games as many times as they wish to in order to learn from those videos and train to improve.

Coaches and athletes may also exchange videos with other coaches/athletes in other universities if they wish to by exchanging emails and/or phone numbers. After deciding to share a video with another coach/athlete in a team, the other coach/athlete will receive a password in their email inbox that will allow them to view the secured video.

The video below shows how a user can log in or sign up step-by-step and how to use Hudl after becoming a member.

Hudl for Business Use

Videos uploaded to Hudl's platform will be synced to the users account and will allow the user to record each game's statistics in real-time. This allows the user to compare new statistics results based on previous results. The advantage of this real-time feature is that coaches can make better strategic decisions based on the real-time statistics to lead his or her team to victory.

Not only is Hudl used to record and watch videos, but it is also used for promotional and recruitment purposes by schools and universities. Schools and universities can use the tools offered by Hudl to create high quality advertisements using videos to showcase their winning games and memorable events as well as recruit new and talented athletes to play for their school/university.


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