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About Huddle

Huddle is a cloud-based online collaboration and content management softeware developed by the Huddle company.1 Huddle is currently used in more than 180 countries by more than 100,000 organizations worldwide and 80% of Fourtune 500 corporations.1 With Huddle, collabration with your workmates and outsiders become more efficient and secure. As a web-tool, Huddle is accessible from any computer or mobiel devices with internet connection. Huddle meets the majority of needs in an business enviroment for collaboration, project management, communication, and social networking.

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In 2006, Huddle was started by two young men in London: Alastair Mitchell and Andy McLoughlin, with the initiative to help people work together more efficiently. Since setting up the company, Andy and Alastair has grown Huddle from a startup company to one of the leaders in enterprise management software companies in just a few years' time. The company currently was co-headquartered in London and San Francisco, with recently opened offices in New York City.

Key Date Timeline

In 2007, Huddle established its relationship with UK Trade & Investment and attended the Office 2.0 conference in San Francisco where the company officially launched its product in the US.3

In 2009, Huddle was added to the latest version of Alert Thingy,which is a social network aggregator by Howard/Baines. Huddle was named as one of the UK’s 10 most promising startups by Financial Times and top fifty startups by Business Week.1 .

In 2010, Huddle was listed in Startups 100 as one of the most successful technology companies to come out of the UK in years and established an office San Francisco.5

In 2011, Huddle launched its first government cloud event. Huddle unlocks the knowledge in the inbox and integrates with VMware ZImbra.1

In 2012, Huddle debuted Huddle Sync, an intelligent enterprise file synchronization platform and its first enterprise content recommendation application for iPad.2 Plus, Huddle takes its government cloud technology expertise to U.S. Federal Government via In-Q-Tel partnership.1

Key Features

File Sharing and document managing:

• Upload, create, store, edite, share, back up and access files online.

Online Collaboration:


• Each project has a workplace with limited access.

• Set up discussions, make comments with timely update and notification.

• Recording, sharing and discussing using the whiteboard function with any images, videos attached.

• Search for informations across files, tasks, white boards and discussions without limited to a single space. Pick out tasks use the task filters.

• View workspaces invovled, activities, prograss of projects and personal profiles through dashboard feature.

• Managers assign tasks by just clicking the assign button.

• Integrated phone conferencing and web conferencing.

Customer-Oriented Feature

Selective Sync

Huddle sync technology enable users to selects and syncs the most relevant files across personal workplaces and the entire organization.


Brand your company by adding company logo to your customized account login screen and buliding interface with corporate theme.

Multiple Platforms and Login Options

Work on the go using ipad, iphone, itouch or blackberry and login via Emails, Linkin, XING, NING or facebook.

Secured and safe

The 256-Bit SSL encryption on file transfers all data connections between their clients and Huddle servers are encrypted to the highest industry standards.

Application programming interface

API allow customers to extand functionality to their own requirements.



To quote Alastair Mitchell, co-founder and CEO of Huddle,“Huddle is revolutionizing the enterprise content management market by making it collaborative, social, ubiquitously accessible and – above all – intelligent." 4 Huddle has well managed to gain market share through embracing broad functions and renovative features. Though some may criticise Huddle for being "broadly spread", Huddle still has disadvantages such as lack of online chat and task analysis that weaken a bit of its overall usability.

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