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In the following video, we will talk about different URL-shortening options and applications of URL-shortening for businesses. URL shortening is useful in personal life as well as in public and private industry. Some URL-shortening professional offerings include other related benefits like integration with Google analytics and tracking of how social activity relates to a company’s key performance indicators.

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In conclusion, URL shortening is a business tool that simplifies client interaction with a company website by shortening the URL for use in Twitter tweets and by making the URL more user-friendly in general. Some URL shorteners are available for no charge ( and, and Short Switch offers reasonable prices for URL shortening plus basic analytics of the information gathered through the shortened URL’s. The free services would be adequate for many smaller companies; for some small to moderately sized businesses, the simpler, low-priced services like what Short Switch offers would be suitable. Large corporations with full information technology staffing would be able to develop their own URL-shortening, as well as their own methods of gathering that information to understand client’s reactions to their products and services.

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Google Analytics is the free tool used by millions of web site owners to assess the effectiveness of their efforts.


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