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Joining ELATEwiki

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Create an Article ELATEwiki

Create an Article on ELATEwiki

Adding a YouTube Video to an Entry

To add a YouTube video clip, use the following code as shown:


Insert that code into a page being edited.

Adding an Image to an Entry

1) An image must be uploaded using the 'Upload File' Link on the Home Page Navigation Screen.


2) Perform the upload and give the file a name to be used in the article. Remember that file names are case sensitive. You can see a list of all uploaded files by visiting the 'Uploaded Files' link on the ELATEwiki main page navigation area.


3)Once the file has been uploaded, its name can be referenced in a page using the following tags (with your file's name following the word Image):


Embedding a Website in Your ELATEwiki Page

A website can be displayed from within your ELATEwiki Page. Do this using the following anyweb tags:


Unfortunately, the sizing options do not work at this time.

Shrinking or Enlarging Images / Creating Thumbnails

Image sizes can be controlled on your ELATEwiki Page using the following parameters:


If you leave off the last parameter (|200px) the system will resize your image as a thumbnail image. You can also specify the pixel size for your image by changing the 200px to another size (for example 600px or 1000px).

Adding other Formatting Such as Bolding or Italics