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GroupMe is a group texting tool that functions similarly to a traditional online chatroom. GroupMe is a phenomenal tool that allows for users to create defined "groups" so that all recipients know who sends and receives the message, labeling all messages with the senders name. This provides users with just one phone number to reach out to many. It provides ease use and convenience.


Advantages and Disadvantages


A common drawback to a "regular" group text is that any replies are sent only to the sender, and the recipients are unsure who else received the message. Unlike "regular" group texts, some of the biggest advantages of GroupMe is that it organizes and identifies the often chaotic world of group/mass texts. Another advantage is that it stays true to the simple SMS format--no applications are required, so it can be used on smartphones and on "regular" cellphones as well without any extended work. All that is required is a simple confirmation text.

Some of disadvantages include that there is no confirmation of delivery. Users can choose to "mute" a GroupMe chat, and the rest of the group members will not be aware. Therefore a message could be sent, but one of the key recipients could never receieve the message.

Also users need to be careful of who is in their groups, as some people think GroupMe is similar to Twitter and should be used to provide random updates throughout the day.

Corporate and Personal Uses

Corporate uses for GroupMe include quick rapid communication among team members, and the ability to quickly alert different people to different situations. One of the perks of GroupMe is that a person can be in an infinite number of groups, so there can be a Group for all of a company's employees, and another group for all the managers, and then a manager can all of the people reporting to him/her in a group.

While there is the potential for business use, GroupMe will probably have more use in the social realm. A family can create a group and stay connected, or a fraternity can create a group to distribute news and information.

Here is a brief video further explaining the potential uses of GroupMe.

How to use GroupMe

It is very easy to use it.

First, sign up.

Then you can start your group.


It will send you a unique number. This number will be the number for your group’s texts and/or conference calls.You and/or your groups members then send text messages to the unique number.

Company history

Here is a video shows how two young men start the business.


In summary GroupMe can be a very powerful, beneficial tool able to help people in both their personal and business lives. While care must be taken to ensure that only needed people are added and that it is not abused, the benefits outweigh the costs.

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