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The introduction of Google Map

Google Map is the electronic map service provided by the Google Company. Google Map has developed fast since 2005, and had covered from the original United States, Britain and Canada, expanding to the world. In North America, people can find the street view through Google Maps. In mainland of China Google Map is still in the Beta testing stage.

The function of Google Map

First, it can provide three kinds of views, including traditional map, top view, and terrain view. We can search political and commercial areas and traffic information on the traditional map. The top view is the photograph taken by the satellite, which are almost the same as the reality. The terrain view can be used to display the terrain and contour.

Second, Google maps have the function of 3D effect of the view. You can find more than 50 different kinds of trees and streets in the views with 3D effect. After all, you can feel the real world in the views of the map.

Third, Google Maps can be search by voice. When costumers speak out the destination, Google Maps can find it!

How to use it

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If you want to find some place on the map, you can type the name of the place in the “search the map” box, and click “search maps”. Then, you can see the place you found of the map. When you click the “satellite” bottom on the right corner of the map, you can get the result in 3D effect.

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If you want to find the way from one place to another, you can click “directions”. Then select the way you transport, no matter you walk, drive or bike, Google Maps will find the best way for you. Third, type the start address in the box A, and end address in the box B, then click “get directions”. Then the direction of from A to B will state on the screen.

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