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What is Google Duo?

Google Duo is Google’s version of Skype or FaceTime. It’s a simpler, more instinctive video-calling service that is easier for Android and iPhone users. With the release of Google Duo, the compatibility and user speed of the one-to-one calling service will be second to none.

What makes Google Duo so great you might ask? It’s incomparable download speed and other key features are what set it apart from its competitors. In recent years, Google has not had an app that can compete with Skype and FaceTime. The release of this innovative app has changed this.

History of Google Duo


For many years, the employees at Google have been trying to come up with an app that can compete with Skype and FaceTime. In May of 2016, the video chat mobile app was developed. It was made with the mindset that it would be compatible for the Android and iOS operating systems.

On August 16, Google Duo made it rise to the charts as it moved into first place on Google Play. Within two days of opening, the video-calling service app was named the number one free app on Google Play.

How to Create an Account

How to Use

Business and Personal Applications

Corporate Uses

Most businesses in today’s corporate world need to have meetings or interviews that take place in person. With the location of the businesses being so far away, it can create a difficult way of meeting up. Google Duo lets businesses have these face-to-face interactions without the burden of traveling across the country.

Google has also created another app called Google Allo that allows large groups of workers within the business to share messages with quick reply features, extremely fast send and receive qualities, and a feature that allows them to set up dinner plans on the spot.

Personal Uses

The new features of Google Duo have created a comfortable, more interactive way of using a video-calling service. Google Duo has now made calling your loved ones, friends, or those relatives you only see once every few years much more enjoyable.


Other Features

• HD 720p video

• Optimized for low bandwidth mobile networks.

The app optimizes WebRTC and uses QUIC over UDP. Optimization is further achieved through the degradation of video quality through monitoring network quality.

• "Knock-Knock"

An Android-only feature which shows a live preview of the caller before the recipient picks up, which Google says is to "make calls feel more like an invitation rather than an interruption".

• Use of phone numbers to allow users to easily call people from their contact list

• Automatic switching between Wi-Fi and mobile data

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