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About Google Talk

Google talk is a chat application developed by Google, which allows you to keep in touch with your friends online. Google talk provides several features such as voicemail, PC to PC call, text chatting, transfer files, play game together and so on to help to improve your online experience and give you more fun.

Google Talk History

Google Inc. displayed the first version of Google talk on August 24, 2005. And after the first version, engineers in Google continued to explore and add new features on Google talk to improve its users' using experiences.

On March 14, 2007, Google published the Google talk gadget.

On November 26, 2007, group chat was putted on Google talk.

On February 25, 2008, people who didn’t have a Google account were able to chat on Google Talk.

On November 11, 2008, voice and video chat can be used on Google Talk.

Until now, Google Inc. continues to develop new features for Google Talk.

How to use Google Talk

Download Google Talk from official website and follow the install instruction to install it.

After the installation process done,type your username and password and then click sign in. If you don’t have username,click on the bottom button to apply a new one.

You can click on the invite button just beside your friends' names to invite your friends when their names already display on the contact list. Or, you can click on the add button to type your friends' email address to invite them.

If you want to start your chatting with your friends, just click your friends’ usernames in the contact list, and then chat box will appear.

Google Talk for Business


Google Talk is an excellent free tool for small office managers and workers to keep in touch and record the contact information. And it also helps to reduce the noise in the office. Quiet office environment is good for the workers focus on the job.

Google Talk also helps to cut down on wasted time.

Google Talk is quite useful for team project.You can share your viewpoints on the Google Talk with team members whenever you have your points. And people in your team can easily know what's going on on the project even though they leave the office for few hours.

Other Features

Block Contacts

Block function on Google talk allows user to prevent IM from unwanted contact list.

Sending Voicemail

Sometimes you need to say a lot of things to your friends, but maybe your friends are offline at that point. Do not hesitate to talk whatever you want to talk and send them voicemail.

Launch your own Google Chat Room

Users can use Party Chat to launch their own chat rooms in Google Talk.

Transfer Files

Double click the send file button to share your documents with your friends, or just drag the document into the chat box to send it.


Google Talk is a very powerful application to keep in touch with friends,families and colleagues.And it also has several advantages on business purposes.For now, Google Inc. still tries its best to improve users’ experience. Thanks for Google to develop this smart software.

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