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Google provides a free of charge service wherever any one may style a website using their platform. The "Google Sites" system provides simple gear so anybody, including non-programmers, can build pro websites. Whilst regular Web pattern requires know-how of HTML or complicated software, Google Websites operates a basic interface designed for any amateur. Within minutes you can have a new site online without consideration with server hosting fees. In addition, the total power of the Google Search algorithm is obtainable to anybody who wishes to visit your Google web site and look to content.

Difficulty: Average Instructions

Things You'll Want:

Web browser with Internet relationship

Google accounts

1 Wide open any Web browser and sign up with some Google consideration if you don't yet have one. A solitary account username supply admittance to all Google services, including Google Websites and GMail, the Google email service.

2 Login to Google Websites using your Google account username plus key.

3 Click the "Create New Site" button after login to Google Website.

4 Select one of the pre-designed templates provided at the top of the page. Some few are listed, and you may choose from dozens more by way of clicking the "Peruse" link to the proper.

5 Type a identify for your new Google Site in the area just below the templates, labeled "Name Your Website."

7 Pick a theme in the same demeanour as you picked any template. Any template governs the overall look and fashion regarding the web site, but the theme adjusts the color plan also some additional formatting nuances.

8 Edit the "More Options" fields, if desired. Here you can stipulate a short description of your website. This remains frequently used via research engines. In addition, you can arranged the permissions of the site in event you do never want it visible by the entire world.

9 Type the code listed onscreen at the bottom about the form. This is a common step that Web applications utilize to quit automated Web bots out of signing up and creating content.

10 Click "Create Site" when you are prepared to continue. If the URL you selected is not accessible, you will be at once prompted to modify it. Otherwise, you are in that case taken to the front page about your new website. Filler content appears since you obtain not added your own content.

11 Click the "Edit Page" key within the upper correct regarding the screen. The page will alter to permit editing of all the customizable fields in the template.

12 Delete existing text and type your own. Make any additional changes you need to the page.