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Google Search



The Google search engine is possibly the most user friendly internet tool out there. Using only key words Google generates thousands of results to aid users in finding information. Whether you are trying to find directions to a destination or looking up equations for stock valuation Google is a great resource that produces reliable results. Google is so effective that it has become a verb in everyday language.

Google Maps

This feature is both extremely helpful and impressive. Using this tool users can map out routes for driving, biking, walking, or public transit. The directions are given in a detailed format with mileage and timing data. Users can also use google street view (available for the majority of US cities) to actually view images of their destination.

Google Images & Videos

Google Images and Videos are great resources for building powerpoints and projects. Operating simlilarly to Google's main search engine these two tools only generate image and video results. The images can easily be copied and inserted into powerpoint presentations.

Google News

Google News acts as a news search engine and instant news source, by clicking on the News tab users get the lastest breaking news from around the world. Users can search for specific news stories or select news categories such as US, Business, or Sports.