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Google Scholar



Google Scholar is another search engine tool in Google’s repertoire. This search engine has been set up to return scholarly journal and article results based on key word searches.


Google Scholar first came online in 2004 and has been continually updated. In 2006 they updated the search engine with automatic citation capability making it even easier to use. In 2007 the creators started the process to digitize and host the journal articles.

How it Works

This is much like Google’s main search engine only it returns scholarly journals, articles, and legal opinions. It’s perfect for students doing research. This is refined way to research on the internet using Google. Many of the results generated through the main search engine return non-credible sources. Google Scholar eradicates that issue. The user has an ability to do a simple key word search or use the advanced search feature that allows for a more specific search. Google Scholar aims to rank documents the way researchers do, weighing the full text of each document, where it was published, who it was written by, as well as how often and how recently it has been cited in other scholarly literature. Google Scholar can assist publishers by boosting the visibility of their content. Google works with scholarly publishers to index works from all research disciplines and make them searchable. Google also works with Libraries to help patrons utilize the resources that the library provides. Google provides two solutions to help library visitors locate scholarly literature within both the electronic and print sections.

Why its Useful

While we are lucky here at K-State to have K-State Libraries for our research needs, others do not have the capability to use those research tools at least not for free. Google Scholar is free to use and makes searching for academic and professional work easier. It is simple and straight forward as well as easy to access.

Cited By

Google Scholar has a "cited by" feature that will search for abstracts that have cited the article being viewed. This makes for easy and accurate citations on important documents. This citation indexing feature alleviates some of the stress that individuals may go through when trying to be accurate in giving others credit.