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Google Reader is an easy-to-use reader that can provide you with news and RSS feeds. It aggregates news and blogs so that users can stay constantly up-to-date with their favorite informational leads, and sort through the information that they want to read.

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Google Reader was created by Google in 2005, and has undergone a few revisions to get to its current form. Google finished most its testing on the product in 2007 when it moved the program from its Beta status. Google Reader has also been updated to help users organize the information they want to read. In the past, it provided all of the news and blogs that it was linked to which could be overwhelming and sometimes useless. This left the consumer to sort through all the information that they wanted to read. The newest form of Google Reader allows users to easily organize their feeds, use keyboard shortcuts, and choose how they want to view their information. Google recently disabled the ability for users to view feeds offline because the cost of support was large and many people did not use the feature.

Why its Useful

Users say that Google Reader is one of the easiest web-based programs to use. Google Reader can provide you with the links, feeds, and stories you want to read all in one convenient location. You do not have to install anything to use Google Reader (readers must set up a gmail account), and it is free. It allows you to stay up-to-date with your favorite sites and blogs. You can share your feeds with friends and other users. Google Reader can be accessed from anywhere that has a internet connection. The Reader keeps track of what you have read, and allows you to filter feeds that cater to your preferences.


Google has a trends section that keeps statistics on what you're reading. It also gives you statistics on the type of feed subscriptions and friends that you read on a regular basis. The trends page also gives you the option select feeds that you want to read later by marking them with a star.

How it Works

Most websites and blogs are setup to summarize their daily stories and the information they provide. These summaries help create the feeds that are accessed by news aggregators such as Google Reader. Most websites and blogs that provide feeds will give you the link for the feed. However, most aggregators will automatically find a feed for you if you put the web address in the reader. The reader will remember this link and automatically update with the stories/blogs whenever you are connected to the internet.

Google Reader Add-Ons

If you enjoy Google Reader then you can download add-ons that have been developed to enhance your experience. This is a great feature as it allows you to customize and personalize the reader to fit your style. There are many different add-ons available (simply search for them in your favorite search engine). Some of the most popular are: Google Gears which allows you to run Google Reader offline, a Mac OS X Theme for those that can't get enough of their Apple products, and Feedshake which allows you to merge, filter, and sort RSS feeds.

Other Useful Features

Google Reader has simple features that make this even easier to use. Users are able mark feeds as "keep as unread" so that they can revisit the feed later. Users can organize feeds by dragging and dropping so they can organize by personal priority. These are just two of several simple tools that make this a great tool.


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