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Introduction to Google Photos

Google Photos was introduced at Google’s I/O conference in May 2015. Although a new application, Google Photos is a valued function and rates high among the competition for its user friendliness and convenience. Best of all it's free and ideal for the non-commercial photo collector.

Google Photos storage capacity is unlimited. High quality photos can be edited with cutting-edge technique. Consumers can adjust color, deploy effects and filter. Animations can be created from a group of photos.

The future of Google Photos is exciting indeed. For consumers, individuals and businesses, new feature are certain to dramatically improve an already incredible product and service.

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Ancillary to Google's social network Google+, Google Photos was introduced in 2015 and received superior reviews. Google created a separate paradigm for a photo service that led the industry in demand and convenience. The new independent version was introduced at Google's I/O event. For the first time platform focus was not a share application, instead it became a photo library owned by the user.

Corporate Use

According to Google, Google Photos is Gmail for photos. It is applauded for its ease of use and convenience in the business environment. Realtors and others that use photography have every reason to celebrate.

The app is geared to iPhones or Androids. For DSLR users there is a free 15GB upgrade and upgrades that supercede the free storage.

The professional is offered superior storage at an affordable price. The wide range of price options lets the business user decide what plan works best.

Businesses can upload photos, make animated GIFs, videos and photos can become movies. The dragging feature lets the time conscienous business person drag a finger to edit or delete.

Access of business photography is orderly and fast. It scans photos to recognize images and sort. It recognizes landscapes that are similar to enable storing photos in a common areas. The convenience of storing a business history or photo archive is reality, access is instant.

Google's "Assistant" instantly suggests albums and collages determined by stored photos. Business persons choose to accept or disregard the suggestions. They can do nothing and merely let the app work.

Businesses can trust Google to protect their privacy. Currently, the public will not tolerate any company using stored photos for monetary gain. Google will most likely use photos to conduct target marketing, to determine product 'likes' or 'dislikes' and preferences.

Personal Use

The Google Photos app can be used with Android and iOS technology. User privacy is protected and photos may be shared. The service provides essential organization, search and backup. Cell phone storage is freed up. Personal photos can be matched by facial similarities, landmarks can be matched based on likeness. Batching can be done by dragging a finger across a group of photos. Time and convenience are clear benefits of personal use of Google Photos. Finally, images can be edited with tools that are an invaluable part of the service.

How to Use

Install the Photos app on your devices

The Google Photos app is an available free download for Android and iOS and PC or Mac technologies. Photos are stored in Google's cloud which prevents overflow of photos and videos to phones. Google Photos app for PCs can be downloaded from the Google Photos website. Phone apps are can be accessed through the Apple App Store and Google Play store.

To eliminate undesired photos in the app, touch the photo until a blue bar shows in the header section of the screen, trash button allows you to delete photos. On a PC, click a photo to make it appear in a new window then click 'trash' top right.

Set Level Quality for Uploads

Agree to photo storage and Google Photos is FREE. Images larger than 16 megapixels are resized to this size restriction. Your originals remain unedited. Use initial setting in the app to store photos in Google Drive.

Search Photos

Google Photos utilizes dates, years and months to categorize in an image library. Open your fingers on the screen to zoom in, view images by date or month, review single photos. Pull fingers together on the screen to zoom out.

In the mobile app, touch the magnifying-glass icon or click search online to open a new view, categorized 'People' 'Places' 'Things.' Face-recognition technology groups photos of the individual. Organize photos taken on smartphones or GPS enabled cameras that record location information.

Use the 'Things' feature to organize images in common groups.

Search Example

To demonstrate one of the capabilities of Google Photo's 'Search':

First, we show a collection of photos.

Google Photo Example.jpg

Displayed are the results after entering 'dog' as the search criteria:

Please note that the word 'dog' is not attached to the photo anywhere. The search actually recognizes that the photo is one of a dog.

Image Editing

Crop, Rotate or Tilt edits imperfect photos.

Use 'Basic Adjustments' for Lighting, Color, Pop (contrast) and Vignette ( darkens photo edges). The Auto button tweaks image.

Use Color Filters to adjust the named effect (planets).

Save an effects copy if desired. 'Revert to Original' undoes changes.

Swipe left in the app or click the boxed star icon on the left in the PC version to Us 'Assistant.' It generates projects, including: Stylized Photos, Collages and Animations. Animations combine similar photos into still video. Creations appear in Cards. Swipe right to reject. Tap Save To Library at the bottom of the card which places a photo with photos it was created from in the library view.

Animations can be saved as animated GIFs for easy online posting.

Delete Option

Delete unwanted photos.

Google Photos Delete.jpg

Leave it in 'Trash' in case there is a possibility it may be needed later or the photo can be deleted permanently from 'Trash'.

Make albums, movies and stories

Swipe left from the Library page in the mobile app or click the third icon (top) to the left in the PC version. Google suggests names you can edit titles or select photos for deletion. To add a photo, tap on it in Library view, select the three-dot icon on the screen (top right).

Google Photos pans while zooming in or out of the cover image. Swipe left there to scroll through more organized photos. The service seeks patterns, to determine what an event is and how long it existed.

For Movies Google Photos gathers clips from around the same time and place and combines them into short films, and adds music.

Share Your Creations

Tap a single photo or video to then select the upload icon (lower left screen) to share. For iOS, (icon is and arrowed box), Android is a "<" icon. Share Albums, Animations and other creations in a similar fashion.

Share button accesses standard options for your iOS or Android phone (eg: email, Facebook, Twitter or text message). Click the Get Link button to generate a URL. You can paste it into an email, text or other message. Anyone can view photos associated with the URL. However, you can revoke a URL to stop views at any time.

Choose multiple pictures: Touch press one of them, hold a few seconds until a circle appears in the upper left of the photo. Tap photos individually to select them, or drag your index finger across a group of photos to retrieve them all instantly.

See Also

Other exciting options for photo and video organizing include: Google Drive, 'My Drive' (where you can open a Google Photos folder) for separating or managing photos and videos. Use Google Photos to view photos and videos and a Google Photos Library in Google Drive. Share or edit photos and videos in Google Drive.

The following link explains how Google Drive can be used to interact with Google Photos.


Google Photos is an efficient service for storing, organizing, editing and sharing photos and videos. For professionals Google Photos can serve as a reliable and efficient storage and for convenient and easy sharing of photo samples.

In theory, all rights are reserved, at least for now. Google is not likely to use your photos, videos or creations for commercial purposes without first obtaining some form of approval.

If your objective is to quickly share photos stored in your cell phone or PC, Google Photos may be your best choice.


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