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Google Maps

Google Maps is an online tool designed to show users how to get from one place to another throughout the world. Users are able to modify directions, log their own routes, and add locations to the Google database.



A search provides users with several features. Upon completing the requested search, Google brings up a set of detailed directions that include distance for each step and overall drive time. Also provided is an interactive map highlighting the chosen route. Users can zoom in and out, drag the map to show different areas, and drag the drawn route to provide alternate directions.

Users can search for locations by different methods. The first method is to type in the name of the location the user is leaving from and the location they are headed to(e.g. Wichita, KS and Miami, FL). Another method of searching for locations allows users to search using lattitude and longitude. This allows people to search for locations that may not be listed in the google database or let them add locations.

Public Transit & Traffic

Google Maps provides information on the availability of public transportation and how much the cost of driving between two destinations is. This helps users decide if they need to rent a vehicle or if they can use the public transportation available. Another tool provided by Google Maps is the availability of traffic data. This helps users find the fastest route from place to place even though it may not be the shortest. The data is broken down like so: Green: more than 50 miles per hour Yellow: 25 - 50 miles per hour Red: less than 25 miles per hour Gray: no data currently available

Street View

Street View is part of Google Maps that allows users to zoom in at the street level and see their surroundings. It provides a 360° panoramic view. This is helpful for users trying to find familiar landmarks to help them find their way. Street view also allows people to find out what their final destination looks like before they ever leave home.

Even though this is a great feature it has come under a lot of scrutiny due to privacy concerns due to the uncensored nature of its photographs. Ever since then, Google has began blurring faces using an automated face detection technology. A few more criticims of google maps exist. One other issue with street view stems from it's availability, as the feature is not available everywhere. Also, some of the images contained on street view are outdated by several years. Some areas of street view on Google maps also provide incorrect addresses.

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Satellite View

Google Maps provides satellite imagery of the world. Areas with higher population contain more detail. The highest-resolution images are taken of urban areas. Most rural areas have limited resolution. Images of some areas are blurred because clouds were present when the photos were taken. A lot of the images are taken using aerial photography rather than satellites.

Terrain View

The terrain view allows the user to get an enhanced perspective of the surrounding regions. This map also details the terrain one anticipates possibly traveling through. Users appreciate this feature when determining the best routes to take in reaching their destination.